SeaCrate Subscription Box Review + Coupon | September 2017

sea crate reviewI I got a September Sea Crate today.(I got this box in exchange for my honest review) I just recently heard about the Sea Crate and I wish I knew about it earlier because it has some really beautiful items in it. SeaCrate is a monthly subscription box that sends sea themed items each month like sea glass, shells, other nautical goodies. A lot of the goodies in this box are beautifully hand crafted pieces that I believe are exclusive to SeaCrate which I love. They also have an online shop on their web page where you can get all kinds of ocean themed beauties to purchase if you are not ready to commit to a subscription. But if you want to subscribe, Its $34.99 a month, $94.97 (pre-paid) for 3 months saving you 10%, or you can pre-pay for 6 months at $174.95 and get 1 month for free. Spa-tember SeaCrate came with these wonderful items. Use code SEACRATE10 for 10% OFF your first box

Everything that I received in my SeaCrate Box

The first thing that caught my eye was this stunning hand crafted bracelet by: Brin D’Ocean which is a small business in Nova Scotia. The silver plated charms are adorable on the front we have a seahorse and gorgeous piece of sea glass. The clasp is adjustable and has a tiny starfish on the end. I put this bracelet on as soon as my photos were taken and it fits beautifully because its adjustable I can put it pretty snug to keep the charms on the front of my wrist. You can find other items on her etsy store at I could not find this exact bracelet so my retail stated about is an estimate compared to similar bracelets.
Lip & Hand Polish
jersey shore cosmetics lip & hand polish
Lip and Hand polish by: Jersey Shore Cosmetics in Vanilla Bean scent 1oz . Jersey Shore cosmetics are sulfate, paraben and toxic free. They use essential oils natural fragrances and botanicals and use recyclable packaging. They are eco/reef friendly, baby safe, and cruelty free. Id say WOW this company has checked off every safe product box on the list. This polish smells so good and left my lips and hands super soft my only issue was not eating it while i was using it on my lips. 
Whale Bookmark by: Upcycle Hawaii. These were made from melting fibers from recovered marine debris rope and nets between layers of post-consumer plastic. This little guy is the perfect addition to my bookmark collection and I love the blue “water” spurting from his blow hole. 
Mermaid Print Card
mermaid print card
Beautiful Mermaid card also By: Brin D’Ocean. The inside is blank to write any message you please it also came with an envelope. For me though the only place this beauty is going is into a frame and on my desk. Her hair and tail are sea glass and her body is sand I am in love with this print so different from other mermaid prints I have. 
In this box like all the other I think they come with pieces of sea glass and shells. I thought that this background would be a great spot for them in the photo shoot but now I dont know, Can you find them? There are 3 shells 3 pieces of glass and 2 super smooth stones. My daughter was extremely happy to add these to her collection. 
Mermaid Brush
Mermaid Tail angled highlighter brush. I have gotten a few of these in boxes, all different luckily, but this one is the softest.. I checked.. I think maybe its from a different company although its hard to tell there is not any info for the brush on the info sheet, or on the brush itself. Does not matter to me one bit this brush works very well I used it today to apply my loose highlighting powder. Usually unless I hold a tissue under where I am applying, the power goes everywhere, no matter what brush I use. Some control fallout better than others though, and this was one of those, I had very minimal fallout on my face. 
Tony Moly mask sheet
tony moly sheet mask
Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweed Sheet mask. As you all might know I am a face mask addict I love them all, especially Tony Moly. They just seem to fit the best,  smell great, and make my skin very soft.  I been using face masks 4-5 times a week and my skin is better now than it was when I was on my 20’s. This 3 layer pulp sheet is infused a micro emulsion based essence that cleanses the skin with all natural ingredients. 
Sea Salt Peanuts
Blue Crab sea salt peanuts. This item pretty much explains itself this bag was a good snack size I would tell you the weight but my kid ate them all and threw away the bag UGHHH!!! She said “They were like really really good for some reason not too salty and the nuts were really big. There was none of that brown skin that is on the other peanuts that you get me at the grocery store. I’m sorry I ate them all Mom but they were just so good I could not stop” So there you have it an 11 year old’s proclamation of the worlds best peanuts.

Nicole’s Notes: 

I Love this box SeaCrate is wonderful and I enjoyed every single item that came in this box. All the items were high quality or handmade and beautiful there were not any cheap “filler items” that some companies tend to put in among a couple bigger items. And you get 8 items which is quite a bit to get, most boxes are 4-6. The retail value of all these Ocean Goodies is over $68 so for a $34.99 box Id would say YES the value is amazing.

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