Divine You Crafts Subscription Box Review | May 2017

 This is the second box I received from Divine You Crafts (I did get these boxes in exchange for my review) . As I posted in my other review Divine You is a monthly subscription box for any skill level. They send pretty much everything you’ll need to do the craft, and other items to aid in self growth and personal healing. 
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This is everything I received in my box packed beautifully.This month we are making seed paper bombs that can be attached onto beautiful cards to give as gifts or keep for yourself.
Every Box comes with a word of the month, a stone of the month and a card with suggested mindfulness practice for a Divine You. This month the stone is red jasper. Red jasper is a beautiful deep red color and so smooth, its really beautiful. The card suggests carrying it in your purse or on your body while meditating. The divine you word is “Awaken” each month is a different word printed on a card that is part of the “deck” that you collect. I just love this idea. I have struggled with depression in the past and This box is just perfect for anyone that needs a little extra confidence or happiness. Making the craft is so fun and ending up with a gorgeous piece that you made your self is a great boost of confidence. Don’t forget to listen to the Visualization Tracks before, during and after. She includes a web address on the instruction sheet for this.
Here we have an envelope of wildflower seeds, palm fiber, cotton rag pulp, Tiny Quartz crystals and Rose petals and lavender bulbs. All of these items will be mixed together to make the actual seed bombs. One part of the process has you soak items for a day or two so be prepared to have this project take appx 3 days to complete.
An embroidery hoop and screen will be put together to make a strainer for your pulp. We also have a piece of felt and a yoobi glue stick. 
We received three silicone molds for the seed bombs a butterfly, rose, and daisy. A small plastic bowl. I am so very excited to make these with the patients at the physical rehab that I volunteer at. I will update both of my Divine You reviews with pictures of the finished projects. 
We got quite a bit of embellishments, paper and envelopes.
They really went all out in including items to ensure that we are able to make pretty cards to attach the seed bombs to. There are pearls, gems , hearts, doilies, edging, and so many other beautiful things.  

Nicole’s Notes:

Like all the Divine You Crafts this box is amazing. I can never really compare the retail cost of each item to the cost of the box but I will say its ALWAYS worth it. Its just so much more than a craft. The Amazing ladies that curate these boxes do such a wonderful job of making sure that this is more like an experience than just doing a craft. The experience helps people center themselves, concentrate on the task at hand and get in touch with their individual creativity. An amazing experience in a box. I love this subscription it is one of my favorites.  Thank You for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it! You can click the link below to check out Divine You Crafts. Use code NL222 to receive a free Om Pendant pictured below.
Om Pendant.

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