Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

freedom japanese market august review
Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly snack subscription box that is sent directly from Japan! There are three different boxes to choose from; the Puchi which contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99, the Original which contains 12-16 snacks + a DIY candy kit and costs $24.99 and the Family Box which contains DOUBLE the Original box and costs $45.99 monthly. Each box contains a contents list as well as a handmade origami.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom japanese market box
Our first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market Box
what's in the freedom japanese market box
Everything that we received in our August Freedom Japanese Market Box. Yummy!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert has a complete list of items in the box
And the reverse tells us a little bit about this origami – a sailboat!
Here’s our cute sailboat origami!
Dondon Yaki
dondon yaki
These kimchi flavored crackers were delicious! Definitely this month’s box favorite for us!
These were salty and galic-y and we love them.
Photo: National Register of Historic Places

And as promised the Pagoda that’s in my home town!

Premium Umaibopremium umaibo
The flavor of this umaibo (or puffed corn tube) is a mixture of mozzarella and camembert cheese

Not only is this cheesy but it’s also salty! Very good – these came in just the regular and family boxes for August!

Cream Ruskcream rusk
These twice baked biscuits are topped with cream for a sweet and crunchy treat

They look like a slice of bread – how cute! These were included in all of August’s boxes

Do-n Taroudo-n tarou
These udon noodles have a meaty flavor and are a lot like eating ramen, just dry! We love the little package – these little fox is so silly. These came in the regular and family boxes for August

Neri Umeneri ume
These chewy gummy candies have a pickled plum flavor that is both sweet and sour simultaneously.

This fun flavor may not be for everyone but we love it! These candies were in both the regular and family boxes for August

Chocolate Umaibochocolate umaibo
This was the most interesting umaibo we’ve ever tried. This wasn’t the typical corn tube but a bunch of little balls of flaky dough with chocolate filling. And don’t fret because every August Box came with these

We were nice and shared these with the kids!

Awa Dama

awa dama

This grape flavored gum is suggested for blowing bubbles but we tried it and have to say it’s more like a fizzy hard candy! We received one piece in August’s Box which came in the both the regular and family boxes

Koalas March

koalas march

These little cookies from lotte have pandas printed on them and contain a strawberry chocolate filling that is sweet and tasty. A great treat for the kiddos these came in all Freedom Japanese Market Boxes for August

Mini Bottle

mini bottle

These mini soda bottles contain a fizzy candy. We love the package and the characters on the package! Definitely a great snack for the kids – this was included in the regular and family boxes for August

Mike Popcorn

mike popcorn

We thought this was going to be root beer flavored and after trying it… realized it’s soy sauce flavored! Totally caught us off guard. Salty and fun this popcorn was included in all regular and family boxes

And because the bag is so large there is enough to go around!

Melon Soda Gum

melon soda gum

A box bonus this extra long gum is flavored like melon soda! This gum was included in the regular and family boxes for August

Fried Potato

fried potato

These potato sticks are made to look like french fries and have a mild dough-y flavor.

These are a great snack for your lunch box and were included in all boxes for August!

Baby Gang

baby gang
This interesting little pack of candy has a hilarious label and the contents are green apple flavored candy that both fizzle and pop… wow! This was in the regular and family sized august boxes
Okashi Na Mizu Ame
okashi na mizu ame
This DIY Candy kit mixes together strawberry, soda and lemon flavor candies to create a surprise grape! While typically the candy kits are reserved for the regular and family boxes this kit came in all three boxes this month!
Support Kumamoto Umaibo
This umaibo contains pumpkin corn pottage flavored puffed corn which is sweet and savory all at once!
A yummy treat, this was included in all boxes for August!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is an awesome way to get the best and most authentic snacks from Japan sent straight to your door each month and shipping is entirely free (worldwide)! The presentation is awesome – we love the list of items as well as the origami and despite our boxes long journey it arrives unscathed. The quality is super. Everything is a real, authentic, Japanese snack! And curation is perfect! We love the variety, that there’a  mix of both sweet and savory and that we receive the same items in a different iteration of it’s many flavors which makes it very interesting and almost like a Japanese Pop Culture lesson! We love Freedom Japanese Market!

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