Dweeb n’ Dork Mystery Box Subscription Review + Coupon | September 2017

dweeb n' dork review
Dweeb n’ Dork is a monthly Subscription box of mystery collectible items and geeky gear for $29.99 monthly. There claim to fame is not to have any “filler items” right now you can find them on cratejoy. I received this box in exchange for my honest review and boy was I pleased when I got it. 
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what's in the dweeb n' dork box
All the items that were in my September “Outer Space” Mystery Box. I could not believe what I got,there were 6 items and as promised none  of which were “filler items” like stickers, prints things like that.
star wars bobble-head
Funko Star wars mystery mini bobble-head blind bag Han Solo he is 1/12. There are 15 different characters in this collection. This guy is pretty detailed but, being by funko I really don’t expect any less.
funko pint size heroes
Funko Pint Size Heroes Science Fiction Collection my guy is 1/12. I don’t know who he is I looked online but I could not find him he looks familiar but I’m not sure. These adorable lil pops come from Sci-Fi movies like AVP, The Matrix, Back to the future, and Star Trek. So if anyone knows his name please comment. 
micro-machines star wars gold series
Micro-Machines Star Wars Gold series. I was in shock when I saw this I did not even think that micro machines were even made anymore but low and behold I got one so I was happy about this. I still have a few laying around from the 80’s that my 5yr old son loves that are all cars so he was over the moon to have a “rocket” one he calls it.
nano metalfigs star-lord metal figure
Star-Lord metal figure by: Nano Metalfigs. Star-lord is about 1.5 inches tall and is die cast metal. The detail on this tiny guy is amazing, This is one for my shelf. Sorry buddy but Mommy is keeping Star-Lord to myself. 
avp whoever wins collection
AVP Whoever Wins Collection by: Titans Vinyl Figures. We got Alexa 1/20 and she is about 2.5″ tall and so cool. She is very detailed also right down to the scar on her left cheek. All come with an accessory hers is a sword that is removable. There are 16 characters in this collection and I was happy to get the only lady for my daughter who is a huge collector.
alien funko POP
Funko POP vinyl figure Alien from The Alien movies and AVP. I absolutely Love getting POP characters in sub boxes because its usually one that my daughter does not have. She is the collector of all things POP, Marvel or any superhero items and her collection has grown quite a bit in the past months.

Nicole’s Notes:

As you all can see there are no filler items just like they claimed and that is something that sets this box apart from other “geek” boxes which have a “hero” item or 2 and the rest is cheap filler. In my honest opinion I feel this box will be very popular among the gamer and geek fans.The retail value is around $43+ because there were many variants while looking for retail prices, so that is pretty good for a $30 box and a few of the items included in this box were out of stock in a lot of online stores as well. If you love geek boxes or know someone that does Dweeb N’ Dork is the perfect gift if you want a box that is full of quality items quantity too because most other boxes in this genre dont have nearly as many items. Use code “DD10” to get 10% off your first Dweeb n’ Dork box. 

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