MishiBox Subscription Review | September 2017

mishibox review
MishiBox is a Korean subscription box that ships from the U.S. Its $19.99 a month and comes with 6-7 products/items. Each month they have a spotlight on product or brand which I think is neat because its usually a new Brand but not always. There are quite a few K-Beauty boxes available now but I like Mishibox for a few reasons the first being, that I am very impatient so I like that this comes from the US International Boxes take forever to arrive. I always like and use each and every product I get in my Mishibox I have only put 1 thing in my giveaway basket once, so that is a huge plus. The price is right too I noticed some K-beauty boxes are upwards of $29 and have the same amount of products. Lastly I like hoe this box only has 1 makeup item if any at all I get boxy charm for makeup, I get Mishibox for their Amazing skincare products and great curation.
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what's in the mishi box
We received 6 items this month and as always a few are face masks. They always have a good variety of different products this month we got 1 item that is neither skincare or makeup. Lets get a better look at these products.
Purederm Soft and Mild eye Make-up remover pads 30 count. These are paraben and oil free and have a nice light scent. The package says to let the pad sit on the area for 10-15 seconds before wiping. I did this when I had on a few coats of mascara and it worked like a dream. When wearing less makeup a couple swipes with one of these worked very well also. I liked how I did not have to scrub at all, I was very surprised how well they work considering that they are very thin, but the definitely hold there own.

Tea Tree Gel

D’Ran Tea Tree Spot Gel. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation, oil and sebum while protecting the skin from external irritants and moisturizing. I used this on my daughters acne and I saw a big improvement after just 3 applications. 
     Makeon Eyeliner
Super long lasting waterproof gel pencil eyeliner by Makeon. What a mouthful just the title is lol. This eyeliner does not really need any explanation. It has super duper staying power even on the water line like I was in shock seriously its crazy. I got the shade #L11Choco and I was so very very happy that It was not black. I know you ladies feel the same way, I have enough black eyeliner to probably color my entire body.

                                                                   Pocket Mirror

 One of the items from the Spotlight Brand: Fascy is this adorable pocket mirror, There were 4 different designs The girl on them is named Tina and I got the cutest one in my opinion. The Fascy line features cosmetics and accessories like wallets, mirrors, and makeup brushes.
Elizavecca Goggles Eye Lock-in Aqua Mask. This mask has donkey milk, coconut milk and collagen to hydrate skin and promote elasticity. This mask has a peel off layer which is supposed to help it stick better. I found that it did indeed stick very well for the entire 20 minutes. The skin around my eyes was smooth and supple and my fine lines were less noticeable. I did like this very much. 
This is our other Fascy item, a collagen full sheet face mask. This was also a variant in this months box. There were 4 different masks subscribers could have gotten 2 types of Collagen and 2 of Aqua. It contains niacinamide, betaine, adenosine, and sodium hyaluronate to help elasticity brighten and moisturize skin. I left this on for 20 mins as well and my skin was so smooth afterwards. I am a big fan of this mask and I use sheet masks 4-5 times a week so getting impressed by one is rare. 

Nicole’s Notes: 

I Love Mishibox its a great price for the items included. *I pay for this box myself*. The retail value of Mishibox this month is $43 that is great for a $20 box its double the price. Like I said before I am always happy and I always use every item every month more that i do with any other beauty/skincare box. If you would like to try Mishibox yourself please click the link below. Thank for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it.


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