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sky organics castor oil review
Sky Organics is an online retailer that sells all natural, organic, ethically responsible beauty and skin products. Everything they sell is handcrafted in small batches to preserve the quality and integrity of the product. They sent us over some of their Eyelash Growth Serum to share and review with you guys! As we always are when we receive a product from Sky Organics we were super excited!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Okay so tell us more!

Each 1 ounce bottle of serum retails for $15.95 and includes 5 spoolies and 5 thin brushes for application. The serum is intended to promote full lashes and brows and while that’s what it’s intended purpose is, this product is a natural multi-tasker. Use this to moisturize skin, reduce and minimize stretch marks. You can also use this to help with skin infections and even as a laxative!
The spoolies help to apply this to your lashes – because Castor Oil is high in Omega-6 fatty acids it helps your hair grow and appear fuller. This is suitable for all hair and skin types and contains no additives. Use this regularly the same way you would mascara (just do it at night time). As always check our Instagram for lash updates!
Use the liner brushes to apply the Castor Oil to your brows. Use before bedtime to get fuller and thicker brows

This organic castor oil is extracted from Castor Seeds in India by the local artisanal farmers. It retains all of it’s naturally occurring nutrients because it is unrefined and cold pressed. The actual oil is much thicker than regular oils and clings to lashes (why we use it before bedtime). It has no smell at all.

Personally, we’re really excited to use this because we’ve noticed the older we get the less our lashes grow back… leaving them a bit thin and with a lot to be desired. We’re going to test this out for a few months and report back to your our results!

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2 thoughts on “Sky Organics Castor Oil Review + Unboxing | Skincare Review”

  1. Hello! Is the sky organic oil good for hair that are highlighted. Will it help my hair grow where I don’t have a lot of hair? Where do I apply the oil on the scalp or the hair and do I leave it on overnight ? How often do I use the oil on my hair? Please reply with all answers! Thank you very much!

    1. Hey There
      So first it’s been a while since I used this specific product but with most hair oils you want to start from the scalp and work down ( it depends on how dry you and your hair are) I can use oils to the tips of my hair but MANY can’t. So start with the scalp and go from there. It’s fine for color treated hair and can be used as a mask or overnight underneath a shower cap! Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it!

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