Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review | September 2017

geek fuel review
GeekFuel is a monthly box of geek items for $18.90 a month +$6 shipping. Every box comes with an exclusive T-shirt,enamel pin, and steam game. They claim to have $50+ of products a month in the box which I would say is pretty accurate.  It comes with things like books, collectibles, shirts, comics, household items, and much more. Lets open this bad boy up and see what I got. I pay for this Box myself.

WOW it looks like we got some pretty cool items this month. I loved last month so I figured that this month would not be that great for some reason. Hahaha 
Every box comes with a Geek Fuel magazine and a product card that shows item variations if there are any.
Manga Style Batman t-shirt. As always a quality shirt is included I have never gotten a flimsy thin shirt in this box. They are always good quality cotton shirts with very nice graphics. You can pick men or women’s sizes when you fill out your account info and the women’s shirts are fitted type with the shorter sleeves I really like that option.
Kubros Megablox bulidable figure. There were many variations we could have gotten from family guy to star trek we got Skeletor from Masters of the Universe it has a blocky retro design which is a cool guy to get in my opinion. I am happy with this figure.
Super soft shell plush toy & the tag is a vinyl sticker. This shell is really really soft the info card says its perfect to throw at your enemies and friends alike.
$7 & $20
The pin we got is Dexter the rare one this month was Spike Gizmo and apparently the rare pins go for quite a bit of cash on sites like ebay. I do think that retro zenith T.V packaging the pin came in is awesome. Warden is the downloadable game we got this month and this is the first game that I think looks cool like something I might play. Its about a prince stuck in a forest who finds some friends and begins the journey of trying to escape.

Nicole’s Notes:

Geek Fuel is a pretty consistent box each month because you know that they will always have a shirt, game, and pin. But this month I was happy I will definitely wear the shirt, my son is obsessed with legos so that is a hit. The shell is adorable and I’ll put it with the rest of the 50 or so plushies on my bed. I will download and try to play this game as well so everything will get use this month. The retail value of the items is appx $62 so that is pretty good for a $25 box. Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it, and You want to try out Geek Fuel please click the link below.

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