Pura Vida Bracelet Subscription Box Review | September 2017

pura vida review
Pura Vida is a monthly bracelet club that originated in Costa- Rica by 2 men who were tourists there and notices so many women who were in need of help financially or otherwise. They decided to put a jar of bracelets up at a local store and donate the money from the sales to help these ladies and they sold i out in a few days and that is where they got the idea for Pura Vida. This company now provides full time jobs to a lot of artisans worldwide. Its one of my favorite packages to get each month. *I pay for this myself*

First up we have a gold seed bead bracelet. This is not stretchy it has the same adjustment that all their bracelets have. There is a video on YouTube that explains how to shorten them if you have a small wrist the extra strings will hang quite a bit and can get in the way or just look sloppy, I like mine trimmed and neat. 
This one is a Burgundy color with a kite on it. The kite has a meaning that you can go anywhere. There is so much positive energy  surrounding this company I just love it. All the jewelry has a little circle Pura Vida charm on them too in either  gold or silver whichever matches that piece. 
This is my favorite bracelet this month it has natural color string with 3 little tassels in teal, blue, and burgundy. I just love it so much, they all look really beautiful when worn together or separately. I have 3 months of these bracelets and this one is my favorite of them all. 

Nicoles’s Notes:

Pura Vida has beautiful bracelets and what they stand for and where the profits from this company go are just wonderful. I cannot say enough good things. They will let you chose the date you want to get billed for your subscription which is $14.95 a month

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