Gypsy Soul Market Subscription Box Review & Coupon | September 2017

gypsy soul market review
Just look at this box, this has to be the cutest box I have ever gotten a subscription in its like a vintage suitcase. Gypsy Soul Market is an Etsy store that has beautiful handmade items from local Artisans as well as vintage one of a kind finds. This is their very first offering for a monthly subscription  The owner Kelly can do custom orders and gift boxes for any occasion. The monthly subscription comes in 3 sizes: Small $25  Med $35  and $40 and up for deluxe all can be customized. She is also working on mini boxes for $15 that should be available soon.This box is the deluxe which I received  in exchange for my review.

This case is full of amazing BOHO inspired items, It was seriously love at first sight even the decal on the inside cover was gorgeous. There is so much love, care and thought put into every single detail it just blew my mind. Obliviously I have seen many many subscription boxes, bags and other things that curators can think of to put products in but this is by far the most creative. The case is so sturdy I can think of a ton of uses for it but for me I’ll be keeping all the items inside as to not ruin it’s beauty (At least for a little while). 
I received a personalized Thank You card which I absolutely adored. I don’t know if subscribers will get a card but I would not be surprised if they do because like I said the owner is such a nice person who honestly cares about her subscribers and their satisfaction with her products. 
   The first thing I saw was this cute little inspirational wooden die-cut “shine Bright” I also found an adorable little Owl one too. I can see putting a magnet or double sided tape on these to stick them somewhere. I am going to put the shine bright one on my daughters vanity mirror so she can have some positive vibes while getting ready. The owl one is all mine. The detail in these is amazing the tiny leaves and flowers on the owl are just stunning, it really fascinates me how people make these. What a wonderful talent.
Tremont Coffee Co. Loose leaf tea I received green chai with orange peel. I am not a tea fan but I must admit I liked this tea I did add some sugar and It was good the orange is not overwhelming like I thought it might be. I always do enjoy making tea with the many infusers that I have gotten in subscription boxes and I just realized that I do like tea now since there are so many flavors. So I was happy to add this to my collection.

MNK Candle Eucalyptus & Spearmint 4oz Soy Candle. My first impression just from reading the scent was less than excited, but boy was I surprised when I opened it up and smelled it. It has a wonderful clean scent, yes you can smell the mint but with the eucalyptus it all just comes together to smell fresh and clean. I am burning it as I write this review I like it very much, soy candles seem to burn cleaner than traditional wax ones so I am happy to have gotten this.
Now on the my favorite item in the box Carpentry sign made by: Whiskey & Lace this sign is appx 3×3″ This Om or Mantra is a spiritual symbol with meanings that vary across traditions but the most well known meaning is soul, self, within, used during meditations and yoga. The company name and email is burned into the back, which is great to purchase other items.
Just 4 You oil and a sample of Hippie Stix lip balm. This is a crystal infused roller ball  with pure essential oils to enhance energy. It has a slight citrus and woodsy smell to it not overpowering at all. The hippie stix balm has a lemon scent/flavor and is made with all natural therapeutic oils. I love that all the products in this box are all natural.
And last but definitely not least is a little Gypsy Market goodie bag.
Inside there is a beautiful crystal that is a really good size. All natural coconut-lime lip balm, and Lavender body lotion by Naturally Magic and this lotion smells like real lavender not the fake lavender scent so of course I love it. I have already lathered up my entire body…..twice.

Nicole’s Notes:

I thought this box was beautiful from the moment I took it out of the shipping box. From the vintage suitcase crate to the boho handmade goods inside every inch of it was carefully thought out and put together. Kelly puts so much detail and love into what she does its almost like you can feel it when you open the box. I have reviewed a lot of boxes and this one is very special, I adored reviewing the Gypsy Soul Market Box so very much. I think you will enjoy receiving it as much as I did and remember you can customize you box to include only the things that you want. You will get individual info cards most with coupon codes for almost every item in the box which is very helpful when looking to buy more of any products that you got. You can get your own Gypsy Soul box by clicking the link below. Use promo code BOHO to get $5 off your first online purchase.

Gypsy Soul Market

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