Ultimate Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker Review

ultimate kitchen french press review
The Ultimate Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker is a 1 liter or 4 cup coffee maker that doubles as a loose leaf tea brewer. We cut down coffee last year and thought this would be a great addition to our morning coffee routine. It’s smaller than our electric coffee maker and requires a little more effort and mindfulness and we are all about that life!
*product was received free for review

The device is gorgeous – it’s a chrome finished stainless steel that would look good on ANY kitchen counter. Each press retails for $28.95. We were really taken with the idea that we could minimalize the look in our kitchen and also be certain of how much coffee we were ingesting each day. 
While we feel comfortable using a french press it’s important to note that this came with instructions on how to properly use and brew coffee with a French Press. We have to say this is probably one of the most beautiful french press’s that we’ve ever seen!
Unfortunately, ours came broken so we cannot attest to the brewing abilities of this french press but we can share with you some information from the website. The Ultimate Kitchen French Press has a 3 part filter that removes all grounds (you should use a coarse grind as opposed to a finer grind when using a french press). The glass is an insulated Borosilicate that keeps coffee hot yet prevents burns and is completely dishwasher safe. And of course your coffee never touches plastic which means it’s pure and delicious like coffee (or espresso because this can brew a multitude of beverages) in Europe!

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