Surprizamals Review + Unboxing | September 2017

surprizamals review
Surprizamals are surprise animal plush in mystery balls. You can collect them from 4 different categories; Common, Rare, Ultra Rare and Limited Edition. Each one is cute and has big puppy dog eyes. Surprizamals are available to buy directly from the site – 4 for $19.99
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Okay so show us what you got!

lola ladybug surprizamal
Lola the Ladybug is an Ultra Rare Surprizamal. She is super cute and full of colorful ladybug spots!
We love how there’s a little bio in each tag as well as a birthday!
barrie the bear surprizamal
Our next Surprizamal is this Barrie the Bear who is a Common. Isn’t he sweet?
Barrie’s birthday is November 12th and his favorite color is Cyan!
The Diamond Rooster is the Limited Edition Surprizamal and we were really lucky to receive this one
This was our personal favorite of all the Surprizamals! 
The kids were really excited to receive such a unique mystery friend!
kimmie koala surprizamal
Our next Surprizamal was Kimmie the Koala who is Rare. we love her bright blue color!
It’s very fitting that Kimmy’s favorite color is baby blue!
bailey the dog surprizamal
Bailey the dog was our final Surprizamal that we opened. He is super cute and he’s also Ultra Rare!
Are you surprised that Bailley the Bulldog is a girl?! We were! 
So what do you think of Surprizamals? We think they are so much fun and the kids really enjoyed opening each one to reveal the fun animal inside. We love that each one comes with a birthday, a name and a favorite color – it gives them their own unique personality!

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