Fab Fit Fun Fall Subscription Box Review | September 2017

fab fit fun fall review
Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly lifestyle subscription that sends makeup, skincare, accessories, and other products.  They have add-ons and choices of items each month. Ive gotten every season except winter and I loved and used every single item Ive gotten. This season there were a couple choices of items and I will mention them as I come to those products. Select members get more choice options like colors and patterns, to be a select member you have to pre-pay for the year upfront. *I pay for this subscription myself* It’s $49.99 quarterly.
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Fab Fit Fun is one of the most popular lifestyle subscription boxes for women on the market today. Looking at all the great items that they put in these boxes is the reason why its packed with stuff. I am going to include all the promo codes that I got for each item on their respected websites for you. 
I won’t workout for anything but hey that’s just me but i still love this bag from Private Party. This denim bag has a small zippered pocket at each end as well as one zipper along the entire bag. It is very spacious you can easily fir an entire gym outfit, sneakers, and a towel. You can use code FFF20 at their website to get $20 off.
Knit slouchy Beanie in blush by The jetset diaries. This was a choice item we could have picked this or a belt a really long belt that was just not my style. This beanie came in black or blush and select members got to pick colors too. I like this hat very much because its very soft and looks a lot better than a regular hat because of the whole slouch effect. Promo FABFITFUN50 to get$50 off $100 or more on the jetset website.
$48           $28
Whish rejuvenating mud face mask and treStique combo lip stick/balm I got the  bright red (there were 2 colors) which I was not happy about but I know someone who will like it. Its actually really neat the lipstick side has a magnet cover, I’ve never seen a cover like this before and its cool. The balm side is definitely a balm and not a gloss at all. I am always happy whenever I get any kind of face mask in a box I am definitely addicted. This is a clay wash-off mask. The box said it might cause redness and a tingle like a skin peel and to start by only leaving it on for 30 secs and working up to 2 mins I left it on for about 5 mins the first time because I read the directions too late but it did not bother my shin at all. My skin was very soft after i removed it. treStique promo for their site is FABFITFUN15 to get $15 off $50 and for Whish FFF25 to get25% off your order.
Molr Whitening C+C charcoal powder and toothbrush. Tried and True this stuff works god does it make a mess but tit does not really have any taste at all my 5 yr old used it and everything makes him gag his little teeth looked like pearls seriously. This was a choice item it was this or apple cider vinegar hair rinse. FAB35 to get 35% off all brushing packages on the Molr site.
Mytagalongs hot and cold pack. This can be microwaved or put into boiling water to heat or frozen. Perfect for soothing aches and pains or for the time of the month cramps. This came in black, pink and teal with various sayings. MTA20 to get 20% off your order on their site. 
Deco Miami Lavender cuticle oil. A blend of argan oil and bamboo extract. Honestly I have never used any thing on my cuticles ever in my life so I could not tell you if its good or not.I can tell you it comes in a cute box and smells good. FAB17 to get 30% off your entire order on their site.
Coxet Wire heart jewelry holder by Imm Living. This piece was named after a geometer who believed that geometry is directly linked to music. I am in love with it minimalist design I put my daily jewelry in it on my vanity and it looks beautiful I am a huge rose gold fan so I just adore it.Code FFF20 to get $20 off $50 on their site. 
Mer-Sea & Co. Cozy wrap scarf. This came in a teal, blush and grey colors I got grey and I love it. It is very warm but I think its to wide to be called a scarf maybe a shawl but not a scarf. It does shed quite a bit too. I read on another post to lay in on the end of your bed while not wearing it and I think that is a great idea. I would use this sitting at a fire or maybe on a hay ride its a versatile and beautiful “shawl”. Use code MERSEA40 to get 40% off their site. 

Nicole’s Notes:

Fab Fit Fun is fabulous just look at all the stuff that shove inn this box this one is much bigger than my summer or spring boxes were though. I heard that the fall and winter boxes are better and I would agree with that so far. The fall box has a retail value of $377-392 depending what choices you picked which is crazy. I have no idea how they do it but they do and its great. If you were going to subscribe to just 1 box I would suggest this one it is a little pricey but its so worth it. If you would like to sign up you can still get the Fall Box . Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed and if you want to subscribe to fab fit fun click below.

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