RLB Art Box Studio Review | October 2017

rlb art box review
RLB ArtBox is a monthly subscription where they send an art project for you to do at home. It is $25 a month Free U.S shipping and they have non-subscription options as well,Also have past crates on the site too which is great to pick out your project. They send EVERYTHING you need to do the project even tools its great. I picked the wire tree and they sent everything down to the needle nose pliers. 
*product was received free for review

This is everything that came in my Art Box I was amazed.
I followed the directions very easily because they are super easy to follow. 
Each step was numbered so I tried to number my steps as well.
First we cut 20 pieces of wire and twist them together with a loop at the bottom.
 Then we start to make the branches
 By twisting together 3-4 wires together

 Then we have to cut the wires in the loop to wrap them around the rock that will be our base and allow the tree to stand.

 Once they were cut I wrapped them around the rock. This was not an easy task to make the tree stand straight.Eventually I got it though.

See my tree does not come up from the middle but at least it stands by itself. Now its time to add the beads and decorate. 
Don’t mind my messy table I pulled out all my beads. I let my daughter add the beads to the tree she was dying to do this craft but it was to hard for her but decorating it was right up her ally. 
WE did get some beads in our box but I have a lot and Jade wanted to do a rainbow of colors with a crystal on top. I let her do what she wanted. She also set up the final pictures and I am very proud of her choices for the picture backgrounds.
Final finished Project I think it came out great.

Nicole’s Notes:

I really enjoyed this project This is a great box for adults to do. I find that a lot of the craft boxes are geared towards children which is lovely but having one that is a difficulty lever for adults is great. I like that each month they send a project that is themed for the time of year or holiday too. I would definitely subscribe to this box if I had the time to do it because I did enjoy it a lot. I had to wait for my kids to go to bed to do it so it took me a few days when it should have taken 2-3 hrs, but I wanted to do it myself and enjoy it then my parental guilt kicked in and I let my daughter decorate it. HaHa!! Yes I would recommend this box if you enjoy doing art projects its for beginners to experts as well so its a good choice for everyone.  There are 2 promo codes right now so its a great time to subscribe. SAVE5$ to get $5 off any purchase or SAVE10 for 10% off.


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