The Modern Love Subscription Box Review | September 2017

modern love box review
The Modern Love Box is a monthly subscription box for couples. You will receive a different themed box each month of luxury products designed to inspire an emotional and intimate night. This box was developed by a relationship therapist and her husband, with every type of couple in mind and to help them enhance their relationship by reconnecting through different curated monthly experiences. It’s $47.78 a month plus shipping they accept PayPal which is a great payment option. Now lets check out these items.
*I received this box in exchange for my review*

First thing first we get a product card and a Welcome card. The product card also includes some ideas of how to plan and set up your night and how to best utilize the items you received. 
Everything was packed and placed beautifully in my box. I immediately noticed a very pleasant smell when I opened it, we will get to that later, But it was very beautiful presentation. 
A closer look at the product card and included in my box was  a communication  activity which I thought was a great idea. Although upon inspection of said questions, I knew all of the answers that Eddie (my husband) would tell me. 
Riddle’s Tea Shoppe tea Lannister Royal tea flavor. 2 reusable tea bags. Like I have said before Subscription boxes have opened up a whole new world of teas for me and I enjoy a cup of tea very much now. That being said Ohhh My this tea is just amazing I never knew tea could have so much flavor. I had to let it steep for quite a while but it was so worth it because it was delicious. This is definetly a dessert tea with flavors of almond cinnamon, and vanilla with a hint of chocolate or maple maybe but either was I LOVE it!!!
$8                 $10
Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Lentil Soup mix by: Cooke Tavern Soups. I love cooking together so this is a welcomed item in the box. Preparing this soup requires a few other item like broth and fresh veggies also meat and other ingredients can be added to suit your taste, also its gluten free. Palo Santo sticks are a sacred scented tree used in South America meaning holy wood. Its used to purify the air around you kind of like sage it can also be used to repel insects and I was obsessed with sniffing this little bundle of wood and then I lit it. Honestly I could not tolerate the smell whatsoever, it did not smell like sage at all I don’t know why I thought it might but I was wrong. I cannot explain the smell but it burned my nostrils. I was very upset that I was not into this because I really wanted to enjoy it very much I was hoping for an exotic sensual smell.
Woodcut memory game by: Brian Nash Gill. Yes this is exactly the same as the Milton Bradley memory game you probably played as a child. The artwork on the cards is gorgeous there are 26 matches and each one is a wonderful record of the interior life of a single tree. I found the cards so pretty I am figuring a way to make them into a craft of some sort to display in my home so I can always see them.

Nicole’s Notes:

I absolutely love the idea of this, having a curated box with all the works of a lovely activity to do with my husband is very appealing. I have to admit that this box in particular was a miss for us as a couple and I really really wanted to LOVE it. I do think that it would be better suited for a younger couple maybe that has not been together forever like us, over the last 17 years we learned that we know each other better than we know ourselves. Maybe if there was a quiz of some sort on the site where couples could give a little input of their likes/dislikes, interests, ect we would have enjoyed it more. I did read that they were going to incorporate a way to get to know each couple better so to make a more personalized box. I wish my husband was a little more open minded as well. I am positive that many many couples loved getting this box this month and that is all that matters. Click the link below to have a date night delivered to your door.

The Modern Love Box

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