Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2017

freedom japanese market review
Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box that ships directly from Japan. Enjoy one of their three price options – the Puchi which contains 5-8 items and costs $14.99 monthly, the Regular which contains 12-16 items including a DIY candy kit for $24.99 and the Family Box which contains DOUBLE the Regular Box for $45.99. Each box from Freedom Japanese Market comes with a handmade origami as well and they offer FREE worldwide shipping

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom japanese market box
Our first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market Box for September
what's in the september japanese market
September Freedom Japanese Market contents! Another awesome box full of goodies!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that details each item that was in each box
The reverse tells us a bit about our origami mushroom which is a Japanese symbol for fall!
Pineapple Chips
pineapple chips
These candy flavored potato chips are sweet and salty and absolutely unique! The pineapple flavor tastes real – almost like pineapple pizza! These were included in both the Regular and Family subscriptions for September
Hora Dekita! DIY
hora dekita! diy
Our DIY Candy Kit for this month allows us to create mini versions of candy apples! There is a DIY Kit in both the Regular and Family Box each month
There are always instructions on the back with images to help guide you
Tahato Caramel Corn
fruit au lait tahato
This month’s Tahato flavor is “Fruit Au Lait” and is bright and almost like a fruity cereal! The texture is always the same – light and puffy!
These almost look like little shrimps. This was included in all three boxes for September.
Kaki No Tane
kaki no tane
This mix of rice crackers and peanuts has a slightly sweet yet slightly hot flavor that is completely unique!
This was in both the regular and family boxes for September
Candy Mic
candy mic
This Candy Mic was a Bonus and was in both the regular and family boxes for September
It was filled with small Ramune candies.
Mentai Umaibo
mentai umaibo
We have to say that we are huge fans of umaibo. It’s delicious but there’s also so many unique flavors to try, you just can’t get tired of it. This one is pollock fish roe flavored and while that may sound a bit crazy… it was totally delicious!
Also the wrapper was pretty boss! This was in all three boxes for September
Cheese Arare
cheese arare
These little baked rice crackers have a mellow cheese flavor and taste a LOT like a Bugle. 
These were one of our favorites for this month and were in both the regular and family boxes!
Tonkatsu Umaibo
tonkatsu umaibo
Our second Umaibo this month is “Pork Cutlet Sauce” flavored which … doesn’t really help us as far as flavors go but that’s sort of why we love these! It was really good, a mix of sweet and salty.
This umaibo was also included in all three boxes this month
Champagne Cider Candies
champagne cider candies
These little ice cube looking candies are champagne cider flavored and are super chewy. They even came with their own toothpick! These were included in all three boxes this month!
Orange Queen
orange queen
This snack sized serving has orange flavored yogurt candy.
This was light, fluffy and delicious and luckily for subscribers came in each box for September!
Choco Daifuku
choco daifuku
This little candy is a sweet mochi with a chocolate filling. This was so tasty (our favorite for this month) and we love the wrapper! It was included in all the boxes for September
The little guy on the package looks like a Candy Kingdom resident from Adventure Time!
Kinbaku Iri
kinbaku iri
These little soda flavored hard candies come with their own fortunes! We received two – and these could be found in both the regular and family boxes for September
Little Gang
little gang
In each box this month you could also find a package of Little Gang Pop Rocks! We received a fruit flavored variety.. they suggest eating it with icecream… but we just ate them plain!
They almost look like Christmas colors!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is so much fun – each month trying the different flavors is honestly a journey and we’re learning more and more with each box. The presentation is awesome. We love the descriptive list as well as the monthly origami! Quality is amazing – everything is authentic and yummy! And curation is perfect – we love the variety and feel there’s a great balance of sweet and savory in each package. 

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