The Minimal Box Review + Unboxing

the minimal box review
The Minimal Box is a one off box that contains hand curated stationery items to promote productivity and creativity. Each box is non-commitment and costs $28. They also have a “Minimal Bottle” which is designed to fit almost anywhere unlike most other bottles for $18.
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the minimal box
Our first glimpse inside The Minimal Box
what's in the minimal box
Everything that we received in our Minimal Box. Because this isn’t a subscription this is what comes in each box no matter the month you purchase

So what is all this stuff?

The Minimal Bottle
the minimal bottle
The Minimal Bottle is designed to fit in all the places regular water bottles don’t. About the size of a notebook you can slide this right onto a bookshelf if you want to! BPA Free this bottle looks cool and does the job!
We love the screw on lid and think it’s super secure so you don’t need to worry about leaks or spills!
Hardbound Notebook
This hard cover, ruled notebook is plain black and has a convenient string to keep it closed. 
Perfect size for your on the go lifestyle!
Leatherette Multipurpose Pouch
This is probably our favorite item in this box. This pouch is HUGE, you can fit lots of stuff inside – which makes it convenient to carry in your main bag so you can easily find your writing utensils (or anything you choose to put inside :ahem: makeup)!
We’re just amazed at all the space inside here!

Westcott 6 Inch Stainless Steel Ruler
westcott ruler
We love steel rulers… they just LOOK cooler! Draw exact lines or measure almost anything (under 6 inches of course)
The cork bottom is slide proof which we really like!
Pentel Sharplet Mechanical Pencils
We received 2 of these Pentel Mechanical Pencils. Can we just say how we love the streamlined black that The Minimal Box uses? Everything is simple and minimal. We haven’t used mechanical pens in so long – we forgot how much we love them!
Pentel High Polymer Block Eraser
This small eraser is one of our favorite items to have on hand and not just for it’s “eraser” uses. These are so tactile and fun! We’ve always loved squishing them and seeing what happens as we erase! And since it’s black it also fits into the theme of this box!
Uniball Pen Set
We received 3 different pens to round out the assortment in our The Minimal Box.  We love that each is a different color ink – so there’s something for all occasions!
They’re color coded as well which makes it easy to know which one you are reaching for!

So in summary

Because this isn’t a “subscription box” we can’t break this down in our typical way. We can say though that this set would be an excellent gift to the budding writer, architect, or creator of any kind. It’s also a great way to have your own stash on the ready when you need it! Great assortment and great quality from The Minimal Box

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