Ellebox October Unboxing Review & Special Promo

ellebox review
Ellebox is a monthly Period subscription from Canada that sends all natural organic cotton feminine hygiene products and 3-4 goodies. They have the option of plastic or cardboard applicators which is great. They also have 3 types of boxes. The Essentials box that is $10.99 and you get 16 tampons or pads, liners. The Comfort box which is the same 16 pads or tampons, 2 goodies, tea, and chocolate or a healthy snack for $29.99 and The Tween Box which includes natural deodorant face mask, heat pad, and pads with wings and a “know your flow pamphlet” for $24.99. This is a review of the tween box but we have gotten this before because I pay for this for my daughter so the items are different.

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Our October Tween box $24.99. She was pretty excited about this box this month. Lets dig in. 
We got 15 pads with wings and 5 panty liners. These are the brand natracare my daughter has to get used of them because they require changing more often than standard pads. I am very happy about the chemical free aspect of them and she doesn’t care because to her they are all the same, but that is why we mothers need to let them know the potential dangers of the absorption of these chemicals into their bodies.
$12.50 ea
Two bottles of Miami Deco nail polish in bubble tea and slay. They are both purple one is a bluish purple the other is a violet color. This is a luxury polish that is made to be a prettier bottle in a smaller size to prevent waste. They are 8-free, vegan, and cruelty free. They also state that you may need 2-3 coats for opaque coverage which I am not a fan of but the colors are cute.
$3.50 CA ($2.79 usd)
Truffle Pic Milk chocolate bar. These bars are made with direct trade slave free cacao. Its a milk chocolate with a truffle center its 47% cacao so its a fairly dark milk chocolate. I was not a fan of this because it tasted exactly like dark chocolate which I do not like I even pick chips out of chocolate chip cookies. But its adorable the candy is shaped like 3 pigs its so stinking cute. 
$26 CA ($21 usd)
Charcoal Matcha Mask by Om Organics Canada. The charcoal helps clear skin of blemishes and toxins while shrinking your pores. The matcha is packed with skin brightening and mood boosting antioxidants. That sounds like a great combo and it does smell good. I love the glass jar, I always think high quality, when products come in glass. Its just better and I reuse pretty much all my glass from skincare and beauty products. This mask is quite a bit thinner than any other charcoal mask that I’ve tried which made applying a little more messy than I’m used to. but my skin felt smooth and clean when I washed it off after the usual 20 minutes.   

Nicole’s Notes:

I like Ellebox very much if I still needed the products they provide I would subscribe for myself. I am all about the organic cotton for my daughter since finding out that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body which to me is a huge deal now that I have period age daughters. Also the goodies provide a special gift for the worst time of the month my daughter she experiences awful cramps moodiness and the whole 9 yards, so anything that makes her happy during those 5-7 days is a plus in my book. They really do a good job curating this box. Ellebox is run by a woman named Bunny whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with she cares deeply about her subscribers and making sure they are happy with their box. She has given me a special code for just my readers you can get half off your first box with the code HALFOFF. I really hope you use this code its well worth it for about $12-15. Clink the link below and put you code in at checkout. Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it!

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