The Letters Lit Review & Coupon | October 2017

letter lit review
The Letters Lit is like a cheaper type of book subscription without the book its only $16.99 a month. It comes in a beautiful wax stamped envelope. It was very upsetting to open this especially being the first time I have gotten a letter like this. They source and carefully select their items from different shops to provide a great experience perfectly themed to the book that they have chosen that month. 
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They send a card explaining the subscription and the book choice for that month.
This months Book is My Lady Jane by: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows. This is a comical fantasy and not-so-true story of Lady Jane Grey in a Princess of the Bride tradition.
We received Beautiful copies of actual pictures of Lady Jane and some of the clothing and the detail in the amazing dresses of that time period for Royals. I was really intrigued by these photos and I looked very closely at each one they are just so pretty. I am not into history whatsoever but wow I can only imagine how heavy these garments must have been and how uncomfortable these women must have been wearing them all day every day. 
We also got a adorable bookworm print/card from Literary Lifestyle Co. with a promo code for my readers. I will post the code and link to the site at the end of my review.
I love this brass feather bookmark its just so beautiful. This ties into the story as does the bookworm print because apparently Lady Jane was more interested in books that becoming a Queen. 
The tea is included for obvious reasons I am pretty sure it is just the earl grey tea with a different name . I guess she also adored ferrets so that’s where the “I love Ferrets” pin comes in. I thought this pin was hilarious and so cute. 
And last and the best to me is an adorable silver tone bangle horse bracelet.  In the book the suitor for Lady Jane apparently becomes a noble steed every day at dawn. I did not read the book yet but after writing this review its definitely on my “books to read” list it sounds so funny. 

Nicole’s Notes:

I have to admit I was a little confused when I read the information about this subscription on the site. After receiving it though I was so very presently surprised. They do an amazing job curating all the elements of the book into this little envelope. I enjoyed it very much and it left me wanting to read the book which I did not even know about before getting The Letters Lit. The packaging is beautiful and all the items I got were great. The bracelet probably covers the cost of the entire envelope.  It was hard for me to find prices because mostly everything is pretty much exclusive to this subscription. Thank so very much for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it.

The Letters Lit

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