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tot clock review
The My Tot Clock is an innovative way to not only teach your children about time but also to get some extra zzz’s when you need them the most. There are several styles – the original, the sleep clock and the new and improved Tot Clock (what we’re reviewing today). We also have a coupon code and a GIVEAWAY to share with you guys! Use code MOMBLOG10 to receive 10% OFF anything in the My Tot Clock catalog
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Okay so tell us more?

Each clock comes with a power adapter, a music cartridge and an informative User’s Guide. This version of the My Tot Clock retails for $49.95 – however, you can choose to purchase a used one for $29.95. In addition to keeping time there’s also a weekday alarm, a weekend alarm, a nap alarm and a time out alarm. 
The Tot Clock comes with a faceplate that conveniently hides all the buttons from your kiddo! You can purchase different styles in their store for a more personalized Tot Clock!
Beneath the faceplate is your control panel with all of the functions of the My Tot Clock
This screen allows you to change the day of the week
As well as set the current time. The screens are color coded to make it as easy as possible. This device is super user friendly
This screen sets the bedtime (ours is 8)
And these two set both a weekday and weekend alarm (how cool is it that you can set alarms for different days of the week)!
Another alarm option is the “Nap Length” alarm. It comes with a standard 2 hour but you can change this based on your toddler!
There’s also a time out alarm (a good rule of thumb is one minute for each year of age). So for Oliver it would be 4 minutes and Vivienne 2 minutes
And finally we have this cool encouragement timer. This is great for self play, TV time, and reading.
The back of the My Tot Clock has a place to put batteries in the event you don’t or can’t use the adapter. It also has a spot for your music cartridge. This allows your My Tot Clock to play music.

So in summary

So what do you think? We think the My Tot Clock is an awesome way to help your children stay on track and it’s also a great way to keep your sanity and get some extra sleep. We are loving the many different functions and think it’s a great tool to help your youngster! 

Check Out The My Tot Clock

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