New Box Alert: Freyja Subscription Box Review | October 2017

*I received this box in exchange for my review*
Freyja Box is a brand new monthly spiritual subscription that delivers wonderfully curated boxes each month full of items for mindfulness peace and positive energy. You will receive items like incense, candles, crystals and smudging items. It’s $27.99 a month.

When I got my October box I was very surprised with the amount of  items I got as you can see my box was stuffed. It was like shopping at the little Mystic boutiques at the beach or on vacations. I was in love as soon as opened it and got a whiff and it smelled so good and brought so many pre-children memories. 
The first thing I pulled out was a card with a velvet pouch attached. The cars explains all the ways to use the bloodstone and what properties it holds. I am always into learning about new stones and crystals and the power that they can posses if used properly. So this was a really cool item to get because I did learn some new things and I got a beautiful stone to add to our collection.
Boho spiritual necklace. I really don’t know too much about this necklace but I think it has more meaning than just a necklace and I am going to do some research and update this. If anyone knows more about this piece please comment. 
  Mother of Earth handmade soap. This soap smells divine I love handmade soaps I feel so good about using soaps like these on my kids, One of my daughters will only use stuff like this shes a 11 yr old hippie and I am so okay with it. This soap has 7 all natural ingredients how great is that and it lathers really well and leaves the skin feeling soft clean and great smelling. 
Here we have a little round wooden incense burner with brass a yin-yang and stars it holds both cone and stick types. She also included HEM opium incense cones which smell a lot better than I remember or maybe its this brand because I have never had this brand before, either way I was very happy to get this, all 3 of my kids and husband said that they even liked the smell so that is a huge plus.  Its not overpowering like most incense can be.   
YES!!! A sage smudge I have always wanted one of these now more than ever because we recently moved into an older house and my daughter is convinced and is starting to convince me that there are some type of spirits in the house. I have yet to burn this it also came with a House Blessing I am waiting for the family to be gone to try it out. I was very happy to get the blessing with it though it will make the entire house blessing a lot easier for me to do. It also came with a clearing/smudging bowl which is next.
This is a clearing/smudging bowl made from naturally discarded bone. This bowl can be used for the smudge stick or you can also fill it with salts, crystals, or stones and put it by your bed side to help with natural healing or to absorb negative energy or help give off positive energy depending on what you keep inside. I love this its so beautiful I have never seen one quite like this I feel so very grateful to have gotten it. 
I also got this beautiful tripod stand for the bowl which is so awesome. I am going to put either my pink salt or my mixed stones and crystals in the bottom and the sage and put it on my nightstand or better yet Ill put it in my daughters room. 
Now the most beautiful piece in my box is this gorgeous amethyst pendulum with chakra beads. These are used to get guidance about your higher self in important situations. They can also be used to try to communicate with spirits or just for its healing properties. I LOVE this stone so very much I have it hanging on my vanity now where I end up putting all my favorite items from boxes. 

Nicole’s Notes:

I Love reviewing new subscriptions getting the box seen by more people who might want to subscribe is my main goal. Freyja Box not only has beautiful spiritual items they also have amazing customer service, curation and a super nice woman who owns it. Cynde is one of the nicest owners that I have met since starting doing reviews. There are probably 3-4 women whom I have started kind of friendships with and I would consider her one of them. That being said she runs this company wonderfully if any customers have any issues with any of her products she responds and fixes the problem  right away. If there i a specific item that a customer is looking for she will do her very best to find it and incorporate it into your box, all you have to do is ask. Shipping is also very fast. There are quite a few boxes that are similar to this one on the market but if you want quality items from someone who is very educated on everything she sells  and provides amazing customer service then you should subscribe to Freyja Box just click the link below and use code NATR10 for 10% off your first box. 

I want to try Freyja box

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