Herbal Chest Subscription Box Review + Coupon | October 2017

herbal chest review
Herbal Chest Is an Herbal, natural simple body care shop on Etsy. They also offer a monthly subscription box for $29.95 and many other gift boxes like ones for Holistic Healing, all natural skincare, or wellness and mini gift sets too. So they offer a very wide variety for everyone’s needs and budgets which is really nice especially if you want to try a product but are not ready for the commitment of a subscription. I received a monthly subscription *in exchange for my review*. When you subscribe you will receive and email asking if you have any allergy’s or ailments and they will curate you box to your specific needs which is also very great, This is a very personalized subscription which a lot of people will appreciate. I do not have any allergy’s,  I did tell them that my husband suffers from sore muscles and leg cramps, as well as very damaged hands (He is a Mason) so she curated my box for us. Let’s look inside.
My first peek inside I found a gorgeously packed box as you can see. Also a note telling us their Rose Salve was featured in “Your Handmade Home Magazine”. How cool!
My first impression was that, if they put this much care into packing the box, I can only imagine how much they put into making the products. There were 5 lovely products a wonderful thank you card, and business cards which I’ve already given out.
Peony Hibiscus Eye Cream, This as you can see is not like a cream but more like a salve. It was nor greasy at all it absorbed very quickly into my skin and left the very sensitive skin under my eye feeling very soft and hydrated. I have already switched from my usual Juice Cosmetics eye cream to this on my vanity. When given the option to try an all natural product with ingredients that I am familiar with and can pronounce I could not pass it up. If I experience any major positive or negative effects I will update this review.
Muscle and Joint rub I was sent this foe my husband He suffers from terrible leg cramps like Charlie Horse at night from climbing a ladder all day, although this did not prevent the charlie horses it did soothe his sore muscles. Its kind of like Icy Hot but with way better ingredients and without the awful odor. This has a pleasant very mild smell. After application its barely noticeable. 
Hemp Avocado Skin Balm this is another item I got for Eddie (my husband) His hands are tore up from handling brick, stone, block, and mortar all day and this was seriously a miracle balm. He said that almost immediately after applying it he felt relief and after using it for 2 consecutive days there is quite a bit of healing taking place on his hands. Hes tried bag balm and Burt’s Bees balm but none have even came close to working like this. We love this product and the wonders of still hemp amaze me its just so versatile. 
And finally something just for me. Tranquil Lavender roll on perfume and aromatherapy. I love anything that is real lavender and this is right up my alley I’ve been putting it on my wrists at night because I sleep with them near my face. I do have trouble staying asleep and I put it on again when I wake and it helps me fall back to sleep faster. I love this product very much.
Calendula Herbal Oil I have not tried this yet it says online that its great for eczema which we do not suffer from but, It has vitamin E oil in it which is great for so many things. This is a great product to have on hand especially when there are 3 kids and 2 dogs in the house.

Nicole’s Notes:

This was the first all natural hand-made wellness and body care subscription I received and I was amazed at how well these worked. since writing the sore muscle balm part of this review my daughter woke up with a sore neck, I applied the balm and within 20 minutes she said it was almost completely better and she’s a bit of a whiner when it comes to any pain. So yes this stuff works better than any over-the-counter muscle rub. I was very happy with everything about this box from the presentation to obviously the effectiveness of the products. They are a smaller family run Business on Etsy so the customer service is excellent as well. This is a subscription that I would recommend to anyone. Its just an all around great subscription. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription you can purchase any of these products and so much more from their Etsy store and you can use the code shopsmall10 to get 10% off you order. Thank You for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it. click below to subscribe or to make a purchase and please support small businesses. 

Herbal Chest Natural & Simple

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