New Box Alert | Kids Busy Bag Subscription Box Review | October 2017

*I received these in exchange for my review*
Kids Busy Bag is a monthly Subscription that sends books, coloring items, small crafts and small toys. The idea behind this is that so many children today are always on phones computers, and video games so this helps kids put down the techie stuff and have fun without batteries which I think is amazing. For $19.98 a month you will get 4-5 items to keep those kiddos busy. They sent me 2 bags one for each of my younger kids, so I could give you all an idea of the items in each of the boys & girls bags. So lets check them out.

They sent me 2 of these cute little Halloween treat bags they are both the same they include 1 pencil, 1 pack of spooky stickers, an eraser topper, and 2 foam craft cat & owl kits to build. I think that they send special holiday bags like Halloween, Birthday, Christmas, ect. How sweet is that.

We also got this super awesome Can you see what I see? Bingo Link game. This is a combination of 4 uniquely shaped boards with 61 objects from Walter Wick’s collection. This is an endless repeatable game for players of all ages. Players take turns calling out objects and marking off the spaces be the first to link two sides together and BINGO!  I have not opened this yet but I am very happy to have gotten this it will make a great gift for the kids and seems like a fun game for us parents to play with them bye-bye candy land.

Boy’s Bag
This is the complete bag I got for my son age 5. These are so cool, at first I thought that his name was a sticker but…No! its ironed on. Now that is cool I was really impressed because someone had to manually iron this on the bags. But the personalized bag for each child is sure to make them feel special.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Play Pack. This to-go resealable pack includes crayons, stickers, mini velvet poster and a coloring book.

Paw Patrol Collector’s Tin This adorable tin includes 2 activity books, 1 coloring book, 1 double sided poster, 50 stickers, and 4 felt tip pens. This tin has everything to (hopefully) keep your child busy for hours. I think its great for the car if you have a lap table that they can use it on or to take to a babysitters or Grandparents house.

Transformers Wallet I am so happy about this because recently I found that my son had taken all the loose change in the house that he finds and stashes it in a bowl in my closet, which is also his “secret hideout” so now he will have a proper place to put his stolen money.This wallet has a zipper and an adjustable strap on the back. And come on who doesn’t love Bumblebee.

Girl’s Bag
This is the bag for my daughter age 11 and it has the same nicely ironed on name.

My little Pony Crystal Masterpiece this is like paint by numbers but instead of painting you put the beautiful crystal stickers in the numbered spots instead. I imagine that this will look really pretty when Its all done.

Hello Kitty Play Pack this is like the same as the TMNT one except its Hello Kitty. It has a mini velvet poster, crayons, holographic stickers, and a coloring book.

Glow in the dark bracelet kit this kit makes 1 bracelet and 1 key chain. The bag is resealable which is really nice to take place or to store the rest if you’ve only made 1 of the items. My daughter will love this.

Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School by American Girl.
This is a pretty funny book but very fitting and helpful for girls starting middle school. I just flipped though but it has lists of to do and not to do. And tips for homework and teacher interactions. Middle school is a tough time for all kids so any help and tips that are actually valuable are appreciated.

A pack of 40 hair ties shaped like a lollipop. Now this is a super duper great item. We go through hair ties in my house more than bread seriously its crazy I wish I knew where they went but the shelf life after I open the package is approximately 2-3 days then I’m searching under the couch cushions at 6:30 a.m praying to sweet Jesus that I can find just 1 or… a zip-tie it is …kidding but it has crossed my mind.

Nicole’s Notes:

This is a great subscription for kids and a really great value the boys bag is appx $37 the game was also for him, The girls bag was appx $36. They both are well over the cost of the subscription of $19.99. Kids these days really need to put down the electronics and color a darn picture (mine included) and I try to make them. We have arts and crafts, baking or whatever but I try to do a structured activity with them  3-4 times a week (sometimes less) but its so important for kids to realize that they can have fun without electronics. This Subscription checks all the boxes for us Creativity in the packaging, personalized bags, and great items, we already covered value so Kids Busy Bags has it all. This is a wonderful Family owned business so they are caring and involved with each and every order. The customer service is always 100%, which can make or break a company like sub boxes, because people want to feel like their business is appreciated and Busy Bags cares. If you would like to try Kids Busy Bags click the link below. Thank You for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it.

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