Contessa Nics & Nacs Subscription Review & Unboxing I October 2017

contessa nics & nacs review
Contessa Nics & Nacs is a monthly subscription of Artisan made from all over different parts of France. They have 2 sizes a Small $39.99 and Medium $59.99 box. I think that this subscription is all food products that is all I seen on their site and Facebook account. I was sent the small box to review for you.

*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

These are all the products that I received in my box. I got 4 glass jars 2 packages of baked goods and 1 container of candy. Everything is written in French but I did get a packing slip with the items contents in English. 
Terrine gourmande de canard au magret (duck loaf)
so this is from my research duck pate or breast of the fatted duck. I would love to tell you how it tasted but I am so very sorry I could nor get past the texture or smell. If you are french than this is possibly something that you are used to but I am not. 
Creme brulee au foie gras de canard. This says its creme brulee with duck liver. 
Miel de Chataignier (chestnut honey). This is actually pretty tasty it is not the same flavor as our traditional clover honey but it is still very good it has a sweet nutty flavor.
Boite de caramels this is a cute thin wooden box of traditional caramels these were very sticky and delicious we enjoyed them very much.
Confiture Mirabelle de Lorraine. Jam with lorraine plums this is also very good too. I liked how its not a super sweet jam it was a little bit of a tartness to it that we enjoyed very much I wish this jar was bigger but hey at least we know that it is good and we can buy more.
WE got two pre-packaged baked goods the petit pain d’epices (gingerbread loaf) and petit Financiers (almond biscuits) both of there had a lovely taste they were both also fairly dry. We warmed them up in the toaster oven with a little bit of melted butter and they were really really good. These are on my list of things to buy from sub boxes. 

Nicole’s Notes:

This was a really cool box yes there were a few things that were not my taste but I am sure that plenty of people love them. This is a great subscription of authentic French artisan goods so if you want to try the tastes of France its only a click away. gotta love technology. Click below to try a taste of France.

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