Peacefully Empowered Subscription Box Review + Unboxing and Coupon I October 2017

peacefully empowered review
Peacefully Empowered is a Monthly Subscription of self care items and skills. For busy Mommas who need time to time for themselves. This box is curated by a licensed marriage and family therapist Hillary Giller. Her goal when creating this subscription was to provide Mothers with the feeling of being validated, soothed and empowered to be able to deal with motherhood in all it’s glory weather its joy or pain, we as Moms need to be emotionally and physically healthy to deal with everything that gets thrown at us. For $39.99 you’ll receive informative items and self preserving products to your doorstep each month, like the beautiful ones I got.
*I received this box in exchange for my review*contains affiliate links 

These are all the products I got, I was very pleased when I opened my box. Everything that is in this box are items that I will actually use and that almost never happens with subs. This months theme is “Mindful Mama” this box will benefit self care, parenting, and has tips to utilize in our daily lives.This is a great box I am so very happy.

 The first thing I pulled out was a beautiful hand written Thank You note from Hillary which is great I do love getting hand written notes in the boxes I review it makes me feel appreciated and we all love to be recognized and thanked. Thank You Hillary! and we got a “just because” gift tag I will definitely use this tag, just not for any of the items from this box they are ALL MINE!!
Next up we have a little stack of post-it notes, as you can see the first few have different positive sayings on them. My daughter calls them the Post-its of Positivity and uses them to write little notes for her sister, (who suffers with severe anxiety) and puts them on her laptop screen for her to see when she starts her online school lessons. This is such a small item but as I said its even instilling the positive vibes to my girls which is just so beautiful. 
Peppermint lip balm by Little Flower soap co. Made with 100% all natural ingredients to protect and heal your lips. This balm went on like silk and was not sticky or waxy at all. These are made without any sweeteners to help to avoid licking your lips. This is great for the upcoming cold weather, lip balm is a must for us during the winter months especially for my kids who spend time out in the freezing weather so this is a perfect seasonal item.  I love the oval shape as well it just makes application easier. 
When I saw this I was convinced this box was specifically made for me. Natural Anxiety relief Essential oil roll-on by Clean Haven Naturals. This roll-on is a therapeutic blend of lemongrass, ylang ylang, and sweet orange to naturally calm your mind and soul. This smells great and better yet my daughter who is very picky with perfumes and smells in general really liked it which is awesome because she is the one who uses it. She said that she rolled it on her wrist and concentrated on the scent and it helped her get through an anxiety attack she had yesterday. So I am super excited about this product anything that helps with her naturally is a huge deal. 
Extra wide yoga headband by Beautiful Boundaries. This is yet another item that I feel was put in the box for me. I literally just put one like this in my Etsy cart. This can be worn many different ways and I love the tie-dye design. With it being wide it stays put on my head and keeps the hair out of my face.
Wellness Bath by Angel Face Botanicals. This is a soothing tonic bath made with all natural ingredients like epsom salt and dried flowers & herbs. Which is great soak to help ease the symptoms of depression, PMS and headaches. It came with a cloth reusable bath tea bag. The package directions are pictured above. I have never seen this before and thought it was very cool. I think I would want to put the beautifully smelling mixture directly into my bath water but as my husband pointed out it could possibly cause drainage issues so that is why they include the bag.  I also got a 3 steps to healthy skin product and info card from this company with  a promo code which is 20% off an order of $40 or more from now until 11/30 Promo is: PeacefullyEmpowered
The last item in my box was this Uber-Adorable Mama Bear stemless wineglass by Taylor Cathleen. This is an exclusive item to this box Its made by hand by sand-blasting the image in to the glass. I am so in love with this glass and its dishwasher safe. To learn more about Taylor and her handcrafted items you can go to her website to order custom items.

Nicole’s Notes:

Peacefully Empowered is an amazing all around box. The curation is just perfect for mothers and women in general, I have never gotten a box that I could and wanted to use every single item I received. The customer service is great too, emails get responses very quickly. There are quite a few boxes of this type on the market but I feel this one has the most practical useful items thus far,This being the only box I’ve seen. If they keep curating all the boxes like this one by putting this much care and great items inside, I imagine a lot of women will be subscribing, there are a limited number of boxes each month so if you are interested in getting one click the link below to subscribe to peacefully empowered today. Thank for reading my review.  I wish you all a peaceful day 🙂

Peacefully Empowered Momma

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