Mishibox Subscription Review and Unboxing I October 2017

mishibox review
Mishibox is a Korean skincare box that ships from the U.S its $19.95 +shipping my total is $25.50 a month and Its one of my favorite  skincare box that I get they send 5-6 deluxe and full size items. There usually all skincare and 1 makeup product, The brands range from ones you might already know to brand new ones they think we’ll love. They have a mishibox and a mishimask for $13.95+shipping. They also have a rewards system too. I pay for this myself because I love it. They take paypal too which is a nice option. This month they sent a breast self exam info card for breast cancer awareness month.

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Our box was packed this month we got 3 biggish items we did not get makeup this month we got a hair product though. We also get a very detailed product card that sometimes has explanations of Korean terms like how to read expiration dates. 
Our boobie card i think this is a great thing to include a lot of young girls don’t know how to do a self exam and are too embarrassed to ask a doctor or don’t even know that they should be doing it.
This month they gave subscribers the option of this cleanser or toner, I left it to surprise. This is a mild deep cleansing foam that targets acne and pore clogging dirt and oil. This was a thick and creamy foam that produced a very silky foam. My skin did feel quite dry and stiff after which I was not a fan of but I know a friend who suffers from acne and will love this. 
Etude House strawberry hair curlers. These are super cute and foam so you can sleep with them in. My pack came with 4 which is the full size. I did not use them I think it would take like 15 to curl all my hair but my daughter tested it out she has straight normal/oily but long hair and it did work a little on her. 
Kindal Butter Multi Balm by Ramosu. This has the consistency of a oily balm like bag balm not like a lotion like some balms do. It says to use on dry skin anywhere or mix with makeup but I wouldn’t mix it I would use it on dry skin only.
$5            $4
Daycells 3 step blackhead pack and Re,DNA ampoule mask pack.
The 3 step pack softens skin to open pores remove blackheads and sebum and then tighten skin to close pores. This worked ok I noticed a slight difference  like a biore strip but with more steps. The skin-gel mask was great, I love masks but the texture of this was just amazing. My skin felt hydrated and brighter after I used it.
Innisfree Konjac Cleansing sponge. This is made with the fibrous root of the konjoc plant and it exfoliates your shin very gently buy thoroughly. This sponge worked very good I used it with the AC cleanser and my skin was so very clean and soft.

Nicole’s Notes:

As usual I am very pleased with my Mishibox I am obsessed with K-beauty products and I was happy not to have gotten any makeup products this month because I get this box for strictly skin care. The retail value this month was $53 which is more than double the cost of the box. If you are interested in getting a mishibox click the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

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