5 Tips on Buying the Safest Vehicle for your Family

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5 tips for buying a safe car
Everyone wants to keep their family as safe as possible and when you’re buying a new car it’s hard to not get caught up in the bells and the whistles that can sometimes seem somewhat overwhelming. We’ve created this list of ways to find a safe vehicle when shopping for a new car that will help you narrow down the right choice (and the safest choice) for your family.

  1. Choose a car that fits your family comfortably. We have four children… so for us there was never an option of a Sedan. Realistically if you have 3+ children there will be numerous cars that your family either flat out can’t fit into or won’t work in certain situations. We realized at 3 kids that we couldn’t take our nieces anywhere with us (huge bummer). Keep this in mind when shopping around
  2. Select a vehicle with side airbags – all vehicles come with front and passenger airbags but be sure your family is as safe as possible with side curtain airbags.
  3. Appropriate anchors for securing your carseats is key. You may find after you’ve purchased your vehicle that anchors are in odd spots or are hard to access. This can be problematic, before you “seal the deal” take your carseat along to be sure it can accurately be attached.
  4. Does this car come with a roadside kit? Definitely a question you should ask yourself.This is one of the nicer conveniences a car can come with! If you are ever stranded on the side of the road or in an accident you’ll have access to first aid and other safety materials immediately rather than waiting on police or EMT
  5. Do your research. Models change and cars change from year to year so before you go out to purchase a car go out with knowledge! Look online at all the specs and ratings of the cars that you’re interested in. Write them all down and streamline the ones you think fit the best with your family. This way you’ll go into the buying situation a lot more prepared! 

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