Orange Peel Review and Coupon I October 2017

I received the Immunity themed Orange Peel Box for review. This box was specially curated by Willow Spirit Therapies to help get you through the cold and flu season. These are highly functional products to help shorten the life of cold and flu viruses. The info card said the value of this box is $65.50 which may seem high but let me say from my experience high quality ingredients are not cheap they have 2 sizes “Orange Peel Box for $49.90 and “Orange Slice Box $35.90. But as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Use code ORANGE10 to receive 10% OFF your first box

This is everything that I got in my box all products are hand made and organic all natural remedies which is a big plus when it comes to using these items on my family.
Breathe Esay Rub is a 100% natural vapor stick. This is made to help with congestion and keep you from smelling like vicks.
Tranquil Peace Bath Salts. These are made with an immuno-stimulant to activate white blood cells to de-stress and build immunity. They have a lavender smell which I love.

Immune Support Inhaler and Lip Balm. This Inhaler is great use it before entering a large group of people to help fight off germs that can make you sick. Healing Lip balm can nourish your lips while building your immune system and aide in digestion.

 Antiseptic Aromatherapy room spray. This spray was custom designed by Sweet Willow Spirit Therapies for this box and retails for $65 This spray is amazing it kills germs in the air and on surfaces. Its also good for eliminating cooking and pet odors from your home.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am so in love with this box as I have mentioned before that I am getting into natural products more and more. This was a great box to get during cold and flu season. I am very happy to have gotten it and I will use everything inside, the value is great too. If you are interested in getting some amazing all natural products check out this subscription. 

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