Book Loot “Halloween Remixed” Special Edition Box Review I October 2017

Book Look Is a (or was) monthly YA subscription book  subscription box that would send a book a bookish items to go with the theme. This Special Halloween Box was awesome but I just found out that they will no longer be offering a book box. But will be back in action with more bookish goodies and will keep us updated. Thank goodness I got my Special Edition Halloween Box. I did pay for this box myself.

This what I saw when I first opened the box and man oh man was I excited. Just look at all this cool stuff its all right up my alley.
Hero Horrors 
Hero Horror By Funko we got Swamp Thing There were a lot of different horror characters but we got swamp thing I would have loved Jason but hey Its all good.
Michael Myers Book Mark by A stranger dream. This has got to be my all time favorite book mark I am in love with this bad boy Ill probably never use it though in fear of bending it or some other awful thing happening to it.
A Nightmare on Elm St. Matchbook and a Geeky Horror Candle in “creepy woods and grave yard dirt” scent it smells so good a little like a man smell mixed with outside at night after a storm maybe either way I love it.
A Gummy ear by Frankford. Has a fruity taste was very gummy….what else do I say but I did think It was cool how they added this to go with the theme.

Jigsaw Key chain. Although he looks more cute than scary like this I still think its so freaking cool this key chain is made by,SamMarie’s Artistry and looks great on my MomVan keys.
Horror Remixed pin by bookloot this has the same artwork as the product card this month and I love it with all this horror icons sharing a subway train its great.
Pennywise art work by the author this month Joe Chianakas. The book mark and the info card. 
Ouija Socks by Sock it to me. I love these Knee high socks they are my favorite pair of socks that own by far now they look awesome sticking out of my combat type boots. 
The short story this month is “So, My girlfriend is a Werewolf by: Rebecca R Cahill. 
Finally this months book is the so amazingly awesome “Rabbit in Red” By Joe Chinakas. This is the entire trilogy in soft cover how cool it that. This books seems like its going to be great I just don’t have time to start it yet.
Nicole’s Notes:

This is the first time I’ve gotten a Book Loot and I definitely got a good one. I was over the moon happy with all my items. I am obsessed with everything horror and with book boxes and I am saddened to find out that they wont be doing book boxes anymore. So Bye Book Loot I can’t see what you come out with next.

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