Ribbon Gift Review + Unboxing + Coupon

ribbon gift review
The holidays are just around the corner… can you believe it? With the holidays comes the shopping season! We are super excited to share with you guys a really cool gift giving service called Ribbon Gift. What makes Ribbon Gift unique you ask? Good question! Ribbon Gift gives you the ability to purchase a gift card from a number of different categories valued at anywhere from $50-$1000. The best part is that the value of the card is never known to the recipient. Once they receive their Ribbon Gift Card they’ll log on to the site and enter their redemption code. At this point they’ll be presented with a variety of options, all of which are worth the value of their gift card! Perfect gift for the person who has anything! 
And if you buy 5 you’ll receive $20 off from their “Just for Her” collection (which is what we’re reviewing today)! Just contact Wendy at [email protected] and tell her we sent you!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Okay so tell us a bit more!

On the left is our Ribbon Gift Brochure to show you guys more of the gifts that would be available if you purchased a gift card from the “Just for Her” collection. The left is our actual gift card that we used to redeem our gift ( we went through the whole ((super simple)) process)
You can address your gift card for the recipient along with a note. There’s also instructions on redeeming and a hotline in the event you have any questions. Also, just so you know… Ribbon Gift has been in business for 40 years … and your gift card will be valid forever and is backed with a 180 day satisfaction guarantee. Which basically means that if you (for whatever reason) are unhappy with your selection you can exchange it for something else.
Here is the inside of the gift card. Below the barcode is the redemption code. This is what you’ll enter into the Ribbon Gift website. It was as simple as typing in the code and making our selection. Once we did that we entered our shipping information and had our gift within a week.

The Brochure

We also received a copy of their brochure to give you guys a broader idea of the gifts available in the “Just for Her” section
This page has all the gadgets and gear that’s available in the collection!
These are the kitchen gadgets … and we have to say the hand blender was mighty tempting!
Here we have the fashion and style items
Then on one side we have the home decor items and the right side has comforting and relaxing items!
Then there’s our list of favorites
And finally there is a page with items that help you to complete home tasks!

So what did you get?

Our gift card was for $50 and we chose from the assortment of about 42 different items in JUST our collection. There are tons of other options and collections on the Ribbon Gift site though! 
We chose this Conair Reflections Incandescent Lighted Mirror (because we don’t have a light up magnification mirror!)
This double sided mirror has 4 different light settings and both a regular magnification mirror as well as a 5x magnification mirror. We actually really needed one of these so we are super stoked that this was one of the options! The stand in the back also adjusts to any angle making it easy set up on your vanity as well as fold it up for easy storage!

So in summary

We are super impressed with this concept and think that it makes gift giving more unique and more about the recipient and not the price tag attached to the gift! We really love the variety of items that they have available and think this makes a great way to show someone what they mean! 

Check Out Ribbon Gift

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