DweebNdork’s Monthly Mystery Halloween Subscription Box Review + Unboxing I October2017

dweeb n' dork review
*I received this box in exchange for my review* 
DweebN’dork is a monthly subscription that sends geekish items to your door. Their claim is to have NO FILLER! and this being my second box they definitely live up to their motto. My Halloween box was literally jam packed with goodies. This awesome box was their Halloween special box so you can imagine how excited I was to rip it open.

Funko Mystery Mini Horror Classics
funko mini horror classics

The first thing I opened was a Funko mystery mini from the horror collection and I got a werewolf. These are so cute they are about 1.5″ high and stand on their own which is great for displaying them.

FNAF Mystery Mini

five nights at freddie's mystery minis

Five nights at Freddy’s mystery minis. These in my opinion are better than the previous style of mystery minis they came out with. There more detailed and can sit or stand alone. I got Golden Freddy which Is mu sons favorite so I was pretty happy to get this adorable little guy.

DC Horror Keychain

dc horror keychain

DC Mystery mini 3-D PVC foam mini key chain, I LOVE this lil guy there are 11 different ones you could get and originally I did not want this guy but once i saw how cute he was I was obsessed Bettlejuice is one of my favorite movies too so this guy is fitting.

Funko Pint Size Heroes FNAF

pint sized heroes fnaf

Pint size Heroes Five nights at Freddy’s by Funko. We actually have quite a few of these but we do not have Mangle so that was a super cool surprise because honestly I have crappy luck but not today. My only complain about these little guys it that they are top heavy so they don’t really stand up on their own without a little maneuvering.

Lego Jason Mini-figure

lego jason mini figure

My Favorite item in the entire box is this Lego Jason Voorhees Mini-figure. Seriously how darn awesome is this I immediately unwrapped built and put him in his rightful place on my horror shelf where he will stay Next to his buddies like the Joker and The Werewolf and many more.

Pocket Pop Keychain

pocket pop keychain

What would a 2017 Halloween Box be without something from the stranger things. I love this Demogorgon Key chain its so cool this to will have a spot on my shelf. I love how you can use the key ring and these also have a lobster claw type to attach it anywhere  or you can unscrew the entire chain out of the head of them.

Funko Morpeez Plush

morpeez plush

Daryl Dixon Plush By Funko this guy is about 5″ tall and just so cute any Walking Dead lover would love to add this guy to their collection like my daughter, and she is going to LOVE it!!!

Funko Morpeez Plush

morpeez plush

Yes…We got not 1 but 2 of these Walking Dead Plushies this one is Rick. So that is so cool that we have 2 they are the same size and are going to make great gifts for my daughter.

Nicole’s Notes:

This is a newer subscription and now this month they announced that they have “No Theme” which means that they can put the best items in the box they don’t have to match or go together so that is so cool. This is one of my all time favorite boxes because they have all collectors items inside no junk. I love the blind bags as well. Dweeb N’ Dork is just an all around Bas A** box.

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