Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Unboxing I October 2017

geek fuel subscription box review
GeekFuel is a monthly geek style subscription box for $24.90 a month. Each month you get a bunch of super cool geekish items like every month you’ll get exclusive items like a pin, a steam game and a T-shirt and these are quality items. *I do pay for this subscription myself*

This is Octobers GeekFuel and the Theme is Stranger Things, which I am sure was a big hit a ton of people.
This Eleven (Eggo) Box came with 3 super cool items inside. You guys are going to love them!!!
Stranger things coffee mug “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation” one of Hoppers This cool mug came in a post box, that was also one of the 3 items that came in the Eleven (eggo) box.
One of the items in the waffle box was this waffle air freshener it smells just like waffles with maple syrup. I don’t think I would put it in my car because it would make me crave waffles every day…lol  but it does smell really good.
Eleven T-shirt I love this shirt because it has 11, the eggo, and the demogorgan which is so cool. The quality as usual is great like all the Geek Fuel shirts I get.
Pin of the month is pins from the Crypt and it looks like a VHS tape    how cool
I was so excited to get Jason, usually with things like this there could be 87 different ones and I will end up getting the only one that I don’t want. But in this case I actually got one of my favorites for the first time YESSS!!!
The GeekFuel magazine this month is 3-D and it has the old school 80’s view master 3-D glasses. This is such a great addition to the theme. How neat is that it looks like a view master.
This months steam game is Death by gameshow with a retail of $10 my kids play these games buy have not downloaded this one yet some they enjoy some they don’t but hey they won’t always like everything we like getting them anyway.
Last up we have a set of 5 Pac-Bat Magnets they are batman characters shaped like the 1980’S Pac-Man Video game which is also such a cool touch. I do which they had a little more magnet power they barely hold up 1 piece of paper on my fridge. At least I can put them up for decoration. 

Nicole’s Notes:

As usual I am HAPPY with GeekFuel. Between my daughter and I we always wear the shirts and shes growing a pretty nice collection of pins. Everything in this box is always such great quality and most of the items are exclusive to just GeekFuel. If you want to try out an awesome Geek box click the link below.
                                              *contains affilate links*

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