Ipsy Glam Bag Review + Unbagging | October 2017

ipsy october review
Ipsy is a monthly personalized beauty subscription that sends sample sized and full sized beauty, makeup and skincare products each month in an Ipsy Glam Bag. Subscriptions are $10 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Bag Breakdown
what's in our ipsy glam bag for october
Everything that we received in this month’s bag. This includes some points we had to redeem. The bag has a gothic / romantic feel to it and is pretty. We honestly like the bat zipper pull!

So what is all this stuff?

JMsolution Jelly Cleanser
jmsolution jelly cleanser
One of our points redemption’s. By the way we had about a 1000 points… and nothing was even available for 1000!
Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Hand Repair Lotion
barefoot venus wild flower hand repair
Another points purchase. We don’t really even use lotion but let’s just say that options were limited. To be honest we forgot we got products for points and when we peeked in our bag were AMAZED with all the products… then we remembered!
Hey Honey Trick and Treat Cream Concealer
hey honey trick and treat cream concealer
Hey! We never say no to face makeup! It’s really rare that it comes in subscription boxes we never scoff no matter HOW SMALL the samples are :ahem:
It blends pretty nicely and we are all about any product that can successfully infuse honey
Dirty Little Secret Bronzed Eyeshadow
dirty little secret bronzed eyeshadow
We don’t use a lot of eye makeup (glasses y’all) but are fond of this shimmery metallic shadow. 
It’s stunning and would make an excellent topper! Great for the holidays and it has very little kick up!
Dermelect Peptide Infused Lacquer
dermelect peptide infused lacquer
Okay, we’ll be honest. When we first saw this color we were all like… this is sheer and we have pale pinks like this out the wazoo and we weren’t really hype for it. 
But just for fun we tried it on. And you can’t see it here but it has a golden tinge that makes it beautiful, unique and GORGEOUS! Loving this !!!
Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder
bye bye pores pressed powder
While this does have a blurring effect… we found this to also be super drying… so we aren’t sure how well this will go with our skin type
It also seems to be a bit chunky… we’ll see. We want to give it a fair show in the next few days!
Aurora Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss
aurora lip gloss
Pretty! We wouldn’t have chosen this ourselves but both the color, formula and scent are nice!
A sort of barbie pink it glides on but can be a bit patchy. Still nice!

So in summary

While we weren’t blown away by our points rewards we did like our actual glam bag for the month. And for the price we paid $10 – we received well over $34 in value! And the bag was super cute. Definitely worth the price!

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