Mindful Message Tarot Reading Subscription Box Review | October 2017

mindful message tarot reading review
*I was sent this reading in exchange for my review*
I found Mindful Message on Etsy and it’s a Tarot reading that Nancy the tarot reader sends in the mail The cost is $30 a month. This is a very professional, personal and accurate reading. I have never had anything like this done before and boy was I surprised. In this review I am not going to show my entire reading because to me it’s a very personal thing that I would like to keep to myself. I hope you all understand. 

Along with the reading you will receive little extras I do not know if they always send tea but that’s what I got. I got a vile of tea by Luna Tea co.”Queen Green” Jasmine Green Tea with Lavender & Roses. It smells so good. The Luna Tea co. believes that tea drinking should be an experience, a ritual to remind you to slow down in your daily life and be present in the moment. I think this is a beautiful idea that I will be trying. Being a mom of three everything in my life is always about other people so even if I take 15 minutes to enjoy a tea, relax, and be in MY OWN moment for myself then I am going to try to do it. I owe it to myself a happier me is a better mom.
This is everything else that came in my wax sealed envelope which is so pretty. I got a copy of the 3 cards that were drawn for me, the reading, a explanation of the Tarot, an Information card form Luna Tea, and a little thank you card.
Here is a closer look at my 3 cards I was drawn the -Nine of cups- The Devil- and – Hierophant Reversed. These all have so many meanings when drawn with other cards is so much to take in and/or understand. It truly amazes me how Tarot readers do it and I have the Utmost Respect for them and what they do.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am Obsessed with this reading it touched my soul seriously. A lot of people think things like this are a joke but there were so many things that were impossible to ignore things that could not be coincidences that she wrote about that would be impossible to “research” to find out. Nancy has a gift and is absolutely amazing woman. The paths that we are on in our lives can always change by the choices we make and she explains all this in her subscription. This is meant to help us on our journeys not be a “fortune telling” experience. If you feel like this could help you or just want to check it out I HIGHLY suggest that you, do In my opinion its very worth it. What I took from my personal reading will help in the choices and decisions that I make. Thanks for reading my review.If you would like some help in your direction in life go to www.mindfulmessagetarot.com to get your own reading and and experience it for yourself.

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