Dispatch Games Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2017

*I was sent this box in exchange for my review*
Breakout Dispatch Games has came out with a new subscription based mystery box that sends new physical clues each month to unravel a crime of murder and romance, I apologize with the recent passing of my father last week, I have not had a chance to actually dig into the mystery yet but I will and will also update this review when I do. So for now I’m going to show you all what comes in this super cool subscription box. “On the Run” is the first in the series and the one I got.

I got a welcome card with information of the mystery on one side. The other side has a checklist of the items included in this series.

This wedding Invitation and R.S.V.P card seem to be a really important part of this story. They are really really beautiful too the print and details look like real wedding invitations & cards.

This is everything else I got in the box. It came with things like newspaper clippings, a journal, business cards, a letter and other very cool things. I cannot wait to get down to business with this stuff it all looks so exciting. Next month I will get another box with new clues that I think will tie everything together…. So Exciting…

Nicole’s Notes:

This Subscription seems so cool I will have a better idea once I get into this one more and when I receive a few more boxes to know what is going on. I have a little bit of an idea but I do not want to wreck it for any potential subscribers. Thanks for reading my review. Please keep an eye out for my updates and reviews of the next box.

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