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craftly review
Craftly is a bi-monthly subscription that sends 4 themed items from different American made vendors and artisans. Subscriptions are $29.99. Unfortunately, after we received this box we found out that Craftly is shutting down it’s operations (temporarily) until further notice. Their website says they are rebranding as an ethical beauty box 
*product was received free for review

Checck out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the craftly box
Our first glimpse inside the Craftly Box. 
what's in the craftly box
Everything that we received in our Craftly Box

So what is all this stuff?

1 hour break kava kava spray
1 Hour Break is an all natural Kava Kava spray that relieves stress and anxiety. There’s also Lemon Balm, Passion Flower and Lobelia to quell your nerves. 
There are 3 different flavors available; mint, honey and cinnamon. We’ve never tried Kava Kava and so this is exciting because we do have some anxiety issues
We received the mint flavor and each bottle has 5 uses. You can also subscribe on the 1 Hour Break website and save $9 per bottle!
dirty mermaid autumn sea soak
This single use bath soak has all those deep and warm scents for fall (a good one for patchouli lovers) with large pieces of dead sea soak that make you feel nothing less than incredible while using them!
Probably one of the most beautiful salt soaks we’ve ever used… we can’t get over how large the pieces were!
urbapothecary slumber serum
This calming blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Vanilla, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Clary Sage will help you drift off to sleep (all naturally)
We love the metal roller ball style and think this is really nice to rub on wrists and temples to calm your nerves and help you get to sleep
moonchild restorative oil
This restorative oil can be used on skin and hair and has some stellar ingredients – like Pomegranate Seed Oil that has antixidants and helps restore luster and shine
The inclusion of Hemp Seed Oil reduces irritation and Lavender essential oil calms and soothes redness and helps you to relax!

So in summary

We aren’t going to break this box down since it doesn’t really matter anyway… we are bummed because we really liked Craftly! We thought this box despite it all was really nice and had a good range of anti-anxiety and products that help you relax.! 

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