Owl Crate October “Find me in The Forest” & Coupon code

Owl Crate is My favorite book Subscription box as I am sure you know by now. Each month you receive a new Y/A hardcover book, signed bookplate, and many other bookish items that are high quality items like book beau book covers or wooden bookmarks and beautiful art. That is why I am obsessed the subscription costs $29.99 a month there are usually one time past boxes available to buy and they also have Owl Crate Jr for middle graders (or adults..lol)

This Month was so easy to Photograph everything was so beautiful. This box was perfectly curated like most Owl crate boxes are.
The Book this month is Wild Beauty by Anna Marie McLemore. This is a really beautiful book the cover is just gorgeous. This book is about an enchanted estate of beautiful gardens tended by a Magical family that had a hidden tragic family secret. I have not yet started this book but I am very excited to read it.
Earl Grey & Sweet Blueberry decaf Tea by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe
This tea had a definitive taste of blueberry which I did enjoy very much. This is one of the many teas I have tried from Riddle’s and I have liked almost every one.
In The Wick of time Candle this one is an Owl Crate exclusive scent inspired by The Raven  Cycle “Cabeswater” Moss & Mint. It does have a fairly strong mint scent but its like a peppermint candy cane. Its not overpowering mint smell when 
Like every Owl Crate Box this one has an exclusive pin this one is of a tree house. I don’t know what book or movie this is from so if you do please comment.
This stunning art print of Princess Mononoke by Audra Auclair has to be one of my favorite prints that I’ve ever gotten in a subscription box and I am not even familiar with this character.
Magnetic Bookmarks by Craftedvan. I’ve gotten a few magnetic bookmarks that were a picture that covered an entire magnet, these just have a little square of magnet glued to each side so while they are extremely adorable the quality is just not as good as I’ve seen for them. They do serve their purpose though.

For the first time ever there is a Mug in this Months owl crate. Its a beautiful Harry Potter Themed ceramic mug with art work from the artist Cara Kozik exclusively for owl crate.  I like how it kind of looks like an old tin mug on the top rim.
You can set your Harry Potter Mug on this adorable coaster. This woodland-inspired coaster is exclusively designed by Kristin Askland and I can’t get over its cuteness. I have a tiny plate holder that stands up decorative plates or large pins and this is the perfect thing to use with it to display it with my book collection. 
We also got a packet of wildflower seeds. Not much use for fall in New England but it does go with the theme of the box. Ill save these for the spring. 
This is the front side of the product card this month with the Tree house again. This is such a pretty card with so much detail.
Lastly we have, as usual a letter exclusively for Owl Crate subscribers from the author of Wild Beauty. We also got a signed bookplate which I apologize I forgot to photograph it because my daughter put it in my book at the time of this shoot.

Nicole’s Notes:

Just like every month I am always happy with my Owl Crate even if I am not a fan of the book. My intent is to have a beautiful book collection to pass down to my children, and this box is the way to go it’s always curated so well and I think it is always worth the money. I mean you could just a signed copy of a new hard cover novel of your choice for $30 or more or this entire box of surprise items I suppose you are taking the risk of not liking the book but, for me it’s all about the mystery of not knowing the only spoiler I see are the sneak-peek cards that come in the box. So If you want to start a gorgeous book collection or get a one-time box for you or a friend click the link below to check out Owl Crate and use code: KINGDOMS15 To save 15% off your first box. Thanks for reading my review as always I hope you enjoyed it.

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