Sleek Treat Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2017

sleek treat review
Sleek Treat is a monthly snack subscription box that sends you 5-8 artisanal, gourmet candies and other treats that are sugar free, gluten free and promise to fit into LCHF, Keto or Diabetic diets. Subscriptions are $34.99 monthly. 
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the sleek treat box
Our first glimpse inside the Sleek Treat Box
what's in the october sleek treat box
Everything that we received in our October “Hocus Pocus” themed Sleek Treat Box. How cute is this? 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. Sleek Treat always does a great job of laying out all the details of the products that they include
There’s so much stuff it takes up both the front and back
HealthSmart Foods Chocorite Patties
chocorite patties
Chocorite is one of our favorite finds from Sleek Treat. The chocolate and the candy is ALWAYS creamy and delicious. These are made with Polydextrose (a sugar alternative that also adds fiber), Erythritol, and IMO/FOS (saccharides) and tastes no different than a Krunch bar
This packet had two delicious caramel filled patties in it
Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar in Caramel Chaos
grenade carb killa high protein bar in caramel chaos
We’ve received a bar from Grenade before in our Sleek Treat Box. Each of these bars contains whole protein so you have oodles of energy for those long days! This bar contains Maltitol, Xylitol and Sucralose in place of sugar
ChocZero Dipping Cups
choczero dipping cups
ChocZero is a brand of sugar free chocolate that has been in Sleek Treat boxes before and while we aren’t surprised to see this brand we are totally surprised to see this product. These little cups get microwaved and then you can dip whatever in them you’d like. Made using monk fruit and a fiber blend you can feel totally good about eating this tasty dish (see what we did there)
Dr. John’s Candy Assortment
dr. john's candy assortment
These 6 candies came in a cute little Halloween treat bag. There were 3 hard candies, 2 of the caramel candies and one salt water taffy. Each were equally tasty. Dr. John’s uses Xylitol as a sugar alternative
Bhu Fit Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie
bhu fit chocolate chip protein cookie
Bhu Fit creates cutting edge snacks that use macronutrients, making your tasty confections health food!
They have infused their own organic, small batch cashew butter into this cookie (along with their pea protein) as well as monk fruit and organic stevia to give you a cookie that is delicious and nutritious. 
Eat Me Guilt Free Pumpkin Spice
eat me guilt free pumpkin spice
What good would a snack box be in November without a pumpkin spice flavored ANYTHING! This scrumptious little cake uses just Stevia in sugars place. 
Not only did this taste delicious, it was also super aromatic and made everyone around us jealous!
Strollo’s Hickory Smoked Beef Snack Stick
strollos beef stick
Savory. Yes. We received 2 of these Beef Sticks from Strollos in their Hickory Smoked flavor and all we have to say is 10 thumbs up! These were super tasty and we love receiving something savory in our snack boxes!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Sleek Treat Box is a great way to learn about different snack brands that are promoting healthy and nutritious snacks that don’t contain sugar. The presentation is excellent. Everything is packaged well and arrives perfectly. The quality is always outstanding. Each snack is tasty and made with only the best intentions. And curation is AWESOME. They do such a good job of giving us variety each month as well as delicious snacks without having to go out and find them all ourselves!

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