You Are Woman You are Divine Book & Moon Wild Subscription Box Review | November 2017

Everything was wrapped and packaged so Beautifully. She took great care to make sure that none of the items (some are glass) were broken or ruined at all during shipment which is always greatly appreciated. 

You Are Woman You Are Divine By: Renee Starr. This is one of the most Beautiful paperback Books that I own and I have a lot. The cover artwork the text and the art inside every aspect is stunning I was in complete awe when I first received it. This book covers so many different things from Body/Mind/Spirit to Mythology. It contains instructions for creating mystic items to meditation. You can check out her Etsy store The wild witch she has a lot of great items for sale. I am so excited to learn new things and incorporate this into my everyday life.I feel like I’m not missing something but maybe looking for something of this type now that I am getting a little older, Something to awaken my inner-self.
 There are Chapters about The Goddess too the pictures are breathtaking I am so in love. 
 There are a lot of poems throughout this book as well.
There is a little bit of info about Ms Renee Starr on the back, she is just an amazing powerful woman. She does so many things as you can see in the picture like retreats and her own line of products She has so much wisdom and is a beautiful person I enjoy chatting with her online very much. She also has a monthly subscription service that sends out boxes as well as digital items and includes membership to classes each month its a really great subscription its $49 which seems kind of high for the amount of tangible items but the knowledge that you can gain each month is wonderful there are MP3 downloads and so much more. Each month everything goes together like a month about spells would include items you would need to make them bottles, crystals, oils, ect. This is a one of a kind membership. I did get a box of items along with the book to review for you lovely people I did receive everything in exchange for this review. Renee is changing her boxes and other thing to do with her subscription in 2018 so I will be getting another box in January to review again so we can see the new boxes. I can’t wait I imagine it will be great. 
The Box contents were wrapped in Black tissue paper ever so carefully and tied with a handwritten tag with such detail.
I got 2 little packages the black cardboard box and black tied bag. Don’t mind the salt a little leaked out of the nylon type bag but it looks like a lot in the pictures it really was not much at all. 
In the bag I got a bottle of bath drops that smell divine. They are not oil based I am not sure of the exact ingredients but I can’t wait to use them. Also included was a blank scroll of hand soaked paper it smelled beautiful and looked like it had been aged I love the look I will save this for something that is really important. The bag of moon bath salts also smell so pretty and they have bits of flowers and herbs all of these are going to make for a relaxing bath this week. Renee handmade all of these items the quality is amazing I appreciate items like these so very much. 
Also in the bag was this little vial of dark moon oil. I could smell this all day there are also very tiny pieces of crystals in the oil too. I just have so much appreciation and admiration for Renee and all these wonderful beauties she makes.
In the little box we got everything we need to make our own dark moon drops or oil. We got the empty glass dropper, the Quartz and the vial of herbs and incenses. I am so excited to make this. The directions are all online which you get access to when you subscribe to this box. The subscription is so much more than just a box. I am going to post the links below to her Etsy store, her Priestess online school and to purchase her book.

The wild witch on Etsy

Purchase the book on Amazon

Goddess Priestess Witch

Online courses with Renee Starr

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