Night Shade’s Cellar Mystery Box Review & Unboxing | November 2017

nightshade cellar review
NightShades Cellar Is a hop on Etsy that sells mystery boxes and all sorts of bath and beauty items, jewelry and many other Gothic inspired items. They have some really beautiful stuff that any women would love not just ones who are into Gothic style, If you are not into mystery items you can just order what you like. This box is $20+ shipping. 

All the items in my mystery box. I also received a card and promo codes from the other sellers who’s items were in the box which is so cool. Its a great way to get people to shop.
Night Shade’s Cellar Bath Bomb “for the pampered goth” I have had quite a few bath bombs in my day but this one is HUGE it smells amazing and has a bunch of little tiny glow-in-the-dark stars in side of it they all floated to the top of the tub. I really wanted this for myself and tried so very hard to keep my 5 yr old son from seeing it. I was very unsuccessful but he loved it and was so happy with the bright purple water and the stars so either way its a win.
Make up brush cleaner pot by: Night Shade’s Cellar. This is a great addition to a subscription box, this is the first time I have ever gotten one in a box and I’m sure like me a lot of ladies would be happy to get one of these.
Holographic Highlighter by: Pretties for your face, This is a purple-green-silver shade and Its gorgeous. I will not be using this as a highlighter I have used it as eye shadow though with a silver shadow too and it looks so pretty.
Silicone Blending sponge, I am not a fan of these really I don’t mind getting one because its on my BFF’s Xmas list. I am just really partial to my beauty blender which I also did not like at first either, so I will try this again. I got 2 this month so far.
This stunning crystal rock is actually soap and I am obsessed with it. The smell is soooo good too I do not want to use it and wreck the beauty so it will be on display for my visual pleasure. 
Salt Scrub by: Sudsy Sirens is another wonderful smelling product this seems like I can break off pieces to use which is great I think it will last a lot longer that way. I’ve had them before and once the entire bar gets wet its gone within a week or less so I am breaking off pieces big enough for one use. My skin is so soft after I use it I love all body scrubs. 

Nicole’s Notes: 

I love all these boxes that I have reviewed from Etsy I feel like there is so much care put into all the details such as curation, how they pack the boxes, and the beautiful handcrafted items they make. The products in this box are all handmade with all natural ingredients no harsh chemicals which is really great if you are looking for a great holiday gift for an awesome girl or woman in your life definitely check out Night Shade’s Cellar click the link below to go to the site. Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it. 

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