New Box Alert: Nutty Nature Handmade Subscription Review I November 2017

nutty nature review
Nutty Nature Handmade is a newer subscription box that cost $40 a month it was founded by a Lovely Woman with a passion that she wanted to share with other people. After research proved that most skincare and beauty products have harsh chemicals that can be harmful and have negative long term effects on our bodies. She started Nutty Nature Handmade, She makes her products by hand with only all natural ingredients and essential oils. Each product is crafted with care with only a handful of main ingredients like: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and a few others. No parabens, artificial dyes or colors, or sulfates and everything is organic. The box I got was personalized with my name which immediately tells me that there was a lot of care put into this box. Lets see what products I received.

*products were received free for review / contains affiliate links

All of these products were packed so well and beautifully in the box.
Wild Orchid & White Tea Body Soak. Made with dead sea salts and oils of the wild orchid. This soak has reparative, antioxidant & anti-aging properties it also protects against bacteria that can cause infections. This smells amazing like seriously so good I am in love with a few of the products in this box. 
Caramel Apple Lip Balm made with organic beeswax and coconut oil. This balm is great and left my lips feeling great not like a thick greasy balm this was very light and moisturizing. The smell is great too like an apple but not overpowering.
 This is one of my favorites in the box. Shea Butter Body Balm. It’s made with 100% raw Shea butter & coconut oil. I love the super thick consistency and when you scoop it out with your handy wooden spoon (included) and apply it to your skin it slowly melts and soaks in leaving your skin baby soft. It really does not have a scent just a very mild shea butter smell which I love because it does not mix with my perfume or body spray. 
Rose shaped rose soap made with all natural rose oil and infused with coconut oil. It leaves skin soft and sweet smelling. Its so pretty and looks beautiful in your soap dish. 
Bentonite Face & Body Clay This is 100% pure bentonite clay which helps get rid of skin allergies that can cause itchiness and blemishes. I added it to water and made a paste which I applied to my face like 45 minutes ago. I left it on for 10-15 mins and washed it off my face feels clean, tight, and clear. I added a good moisturizer after as well my skin was a little dry, which happens with every clay mask I have ever used. The clay draws out toxins and oils from the skin which makes it feel dry but the clay is so good for your skin.
Another one of my Favorites is this amazing smelling body scrub. Its made with Grapeseed and Lavender buds, dead sea salts and is also enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants. Did I mention it smells amazing I have never smelled anything quite like this but I am obsessed. 
Honeysuckle Honey Bear Body Wash this has avocado and honeysuckle oils which are both great for your skin. This has a very nice citrus and floral scent. Its a thinner wash and has mild suds but suds don’t make us clean. My skin felt so soft and clean after using it. I felt good about knowing I was washing with all natural products that are found in nature not in a lab. 
Lavender & Vanilla Body Soap this is such a lux soap I love it it has lavender, coconut, and avocado oils along with cocoa butter. It smells wonderful like all her products. I am not a fan usually of bar soaps but this soap I will use and hide from my kids. 

Nicole’s Notes:

Get This Box Like Right Now!!!!…Lol seriously this is amazing when I first got my package and opened it I could tell how much care and love was put into every single aspect of it. All the products are wonderful, In case you are wondering I got this box a noon today and tried every thing but the bath soak which smells soooo good. My skin tends to be picky about new products but my skin is very happy today my entire body is very soft and moisturized. I LOVE this box it’s by far one of my favorite boxes of organic all natural products. If you are interested in getting your own Nutty Nature Handmade box full of wonderful smelling amazingly handcrafted products click the link below tell her Nicole from Not a tree sent you add promo N2017 to get a discount at checkout. Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it. 

Nutty Nature Handmade on Cratejoy

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