Callaloo Snack Box Subscription Review + Unboxing | November 2017

callaloo snack box review
Callaloo Snack Box is a monthly box of treats from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Each box is hand curated by three girlfriends who hail from these beautiful islands. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly
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*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the callaloo snack box
Our first glimpse inside the Callaloo Snack Box
what's in the callaloo snack box
Everything that we received in the Inaugural Callaloo Snack Box! There are so many snacks in there we didn’t know where to begin!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
The reverse tells us a little bit about the Callaloo Box
Caribbean Treats Toolum
This hard chewy snack is made with grated coconut and molasses making them all natural and full of minerals and vitamins! 
There were four in the package that we received and the flavor is completely unique! We’ve never tasted coconut and molasses together before but it creates a full bodied, sweet and flavorful treat that is quite filling!
Paula’s Amchar Mango
amchar mango
Okay so if you have read any of our other reviews of the Callaloo Food Box you know we received the delicious “Kuchela” in one. These mangoes are made using Amchar Masala which is the same spice they use to make kuchela. So of course the flavors are similar (and delicious) this is commonly served along with vegetarian dishes but is just as often eaten as is, as a snack!
This is from Paula’s and we were honestly surprised that they use whole slices of mangoes – how cool is that!?
Patsy’s Split Channa
patsy's split channa
Popular at Christmas time these fried chick peas are comparable to our own “Corn Nuts”
These were salted but there was some pepper added also that made them a bit spicy. We’d never had fried chick peas before and have to say we really enjoyed them.
Paula’s Pepper Plums
paula's pepper plums
These preserved plums are made with salt sugar and spices. These were a little bit spicy and tasted a bit like an olive – however they had a pit which is something you’ll have to be careful of!
Paula’s Tamarind Candy
paual's tamarind candy
This sweet and sour traditional snack is made using sugar as well as the pulp from the tamarind fruit. 
These were really yummy! We received four in our package. Their flavor is both sweet and tart an they have a gummy consistency. They do have seeds in them and if you look closely at this picture you can see them
Caribbean Treats Khurma
carribean treats khurma
Box favorite for sure! These delicious sticks are made with fried and spiced dough that’s then coated in sugar. 
The fried flavor is amazing but what makes these truly unique is the warm ginger flavor… makes these incredible!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Callaloo Box is a great way to get exotic snacks and flavors sent straight to you each month. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome! We are loving all of these authentic snacks! And curation is excellent. We really feel like we’re receiving a well rounded assortment of both sweet and savory foods that give an authentic taste of Trinbago flavor!

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