Cool Cats Lead – Children’s Leadership Cards Review

cool cats lead review
Cool Cats Lead creates a line of products that help children foster leadership skills that help them to become confident, trailblazing young people. Their philosophy is that every child can become a leader and with the help of their products you can reach children’s untapped potential that otherwise would have gone unseen. We received a few of their products to review and share with you guys! 
*products were received free for review

Okay so show us the goodies!

Leadership Growth Chart
This poster can be placed in a visible area within your home and allows you to assess how your child is “growing into” their own leadership capabilities. We’re still not sure where we’re going to hang this but the kids really loved the idea of your personality relating to your size and it really helps children to understand growth is more than a size or a number!
Here’s Penny standing in front of the growth chart
She liked that she was right around the “Defies Defeat” mark and we have to say… we think that that’s pretty cool as well!
Building Blocks for Leaders Card Game
building blocks for leaders card game
This deck of 50 cards imparts the “Language of Leadership” on children. Each card has a word associated with leadership skills and a short definition that makes it easy for children to find those traits that they have and to also associate themselves with skills they may not be familiar with.
There are instructions for parents on how to use these. For the most part we’ve just been going over them together and getting familiar with the concepts! But they’re very open ended!

So the cards…

Some concepts are obvious… like Courage.
These cards are particularly good because they help to add a definition to words that kids may struggle to understand.
But others were a little more abstract. Like “Life Long Learner”. Penny really liked this idea and immediately recognized this as something she wants for herself.
Here’s just a sampling of what these cards have to offer. We really love that you can use these numerous ways. Something we’ve been doing is allowing just the word to show and then asking the kids to give us a definition for it in their own words. After, we flip them over and talk about the definition printed on them.
We really have been enjoying going through these cards together. It’s a great way of dolingout valuable praise for good personality traits!
The Big Little Book of Destiny
the big little book of destiny
This book is full of leadership concepts that when read with children helps them to better understand their own abilities and allow parents to share their own life lessons. 
We think this book makes an excellent complimentary product to the deck of cards and would be a great gift for a bright young mind in your life.
We love the simplification of leadership and how the lines are short and precise. Helping kids see the bigger picture, that there are all types of leaders with all sorts of skills
We particularly love the line; “Leaders are long distance runners. Whether they come in first or last, they always finish the race.” How important a statement to make! 
This page uses a ladder as a metaphor and explains that leaders are willing to go the distance for the things that they want
“Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy” all traits that leaders have!
This page talks about adversity and while leaders may need to process failures and defeat they do not allow it to consume or overwhelm them. They continue and persevere on!
Our favorite page talks about the rebel leaders. How they cause good trouble and make people think. And leaders know that sometimes amazing things come from conflict. They also touch on something we love the concept of; Chronos and Kairos time. 
And the last page leaves on a sweet note. Reminding kids of their worth and value. 

So in summary

We are in love with these products and think they help in skillbuilding with children but they would also be very helpful for educators as well. It’s rare that kids get any sort of leadership skills taught or even explained in school so it would be really cool seeing educators starting to adopt some of these ideas in their classrooms. The kids really enjoyed these and we did as well! A great way of helping bolster confidence and helping children see their potential!

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