Book of the Month Club I November 2017

This  Month I decided I would try out a book of the month club they had a really good promo so this is what I got for November there were a lot of books to choose from and I kept going back to this one it seemed like something that I would enjoy so I picked it.

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This is what I saw when I first opened the box.
My Novel Is Future home of the living god by: Louise Erdich its cover price is $27.99 and Book of the month is $14.99 so I would say that is a pretty good price they also sent me free coloring pages and mini colored pencils. The book is a thriller about evolution, love, self determination, biology and natural rights. Honestly it seems a little confusing but is right up my alley I am excited to start it.

Nicole’s Notes:

The book of the month club is just that, a subscription where they send you only books each month for a great price you can add on other books too for 9.99 each if you want to check it out click the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

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