Positive Period Box by The Fem Spot Review I November 2017

*I received this box in exchange for my review*
The Positive Period Box is by www.thefemspot.com which is a really great shop that offers Positive Period subscription boxes and Mini Boxes and this is the one I got for November.

This is everything I got in my box it was packed I was so surprised with all the great things that we got. The regular boxes are $19.99 and Teen boxes are $17.99
First thing I saw was this cool purple “Slay” hat that I thought would be perfect for my daughter as soon as I seen it. Its made by studio 74 and is soft wool and will keep her hear warm this winter while keeping her looking cool.
We got a “Pamper Pack” that has 2 different teas, hot chocolate, 2 summers eve wipes, dark chocolate covered blueberries and a single Tylenol pack. These are all things that we use during our period so that is such an awesome pack of goodies.
Salt Bath pack that smells amazing it has Epsom salt flower and herbs and essential oils. Taking a relaxing bath with these salts was wonderful my skin felt so soft and I was so relaxed and the heat of the water helps with any cramps or back pain. 
Also included was a pack of carefree liners and a few full size maxi pads (not pictured we had an emergency in our house of 3 teen girls)
Normally I think she includes tampons, pads or lets us choose I asked for pads my girls are not into the tampon stage yet.
Also included were these love positivity cards that I thought were just great these were my favorite thing in the entire box. So many girls need a little uplift like these card just to see everyday such a nice touch to this box.

Nicole’s Notes

This is a really great box and I love supporting small shops like this. This is a really great subscription for a women’s time of the month. I like how there are all kinds of positive words included The curator of  this box really cares and it shows in work its always nice to get things like this when the company truly cares about their customers not just making money. If you are interested in a positive period box please click the link below. Thanks for reading my review.

The Fem Spot

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