Dotboxx Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | November 2017

dotboxx subscription review
Dotboxx is a monthly period subscription that sends care packages for females of all ages. Subscriptions range from “The Essentials” which includes your period essentials and one chocolate product each month for $9.99. “The Mini Box” which includes all the period essentials as well as 2 hand picked (you customize with Dotboxx!) pampering products each month for $25.99 . “The I Want It All” Box includes all the period essentials found in the other box with the addition of full sized chocolate products and up to 4 products that pamper you each month for just $34.99. And finally, there’s the “Teen” Box which includes period essentials and other items curated by grade level for $29.99. 
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the dotboxx
Our first glimpse inside the DotBoxx
what's in the dotboxx
Everything that we received in our Dotboxx. As always we are amazed at the sheer volume of items that come in this subscription. So nice to receive this care package full of goodies!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. What’s really interesting is their introduction of a box that’s targeted towards both men and women in college!
The reverse of our cards details the items that came in this month’s “Preparations” themed box
Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle Tea
yogi woman's moon cycle tea
One of the essentials in the Dotboxx is hot tea! They always include Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle Tea which is caffeine free and can be enjoyed during your time. We received 4 packets.
Quaker Breakfast Squares
quaker breakfast squares
This Baked Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bar is soft baked and fruit filled making it the perfect way to kick start your morning… especially when you are in a rush and on the go! Best part? Only 210 calories per serving!
Beyond BodiHeat Pain Relief Patch
beyond bodiheat patch
This pain relieving patch lasts up to 12 hours and works to ease cramps away. And while these are great for cramps they’re also multipurpose and can be used for all sorts of aches and pains!
We received a mixture of both pads and tampons in this month’s box – here are our 10 tampons. They came in a mixture of Regular and Super sized
And of course our 10 pads to complement our 10 tampons!
Bigelow Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea
bigelow cranberry apple herbal tea
And in addition to our Woman’s Tea we also received these 2 seasonal herbal tea packets from Bigelow Tea. We love cranberry flavors and are super excited that we received these!
Luna Chocolate Cupcake Bar
luna chocolate cupcake bar
Toss this in your purse or desk for all those chocolate cravings – enjoy this healthy alternative that will tide you over. We love Luna Bars!
Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wipes
summer's eve cleansing wipes
We received 6 cleaning wipes from Summer’s Eve in the “Sheer Floral” scent. Great for on the go and since their individually wrapped throw them in your purse and not give it another thought!
funky soap company london
This deeply nourishing moisturizer combines Olive Oil and Moringa to moisturize as well as even complexion and smooth fine lines. Moringa is high in vitamins and amino acids to improve the look and feel of skin!
This has no smell and is a great barrier cream – very thick and moisturizing. Use after a shower or before bed to reap full benefits!
In addition to pads and tampons we also received 10 pantiliners. There is certainly more feminine care products in this box than we know what to do with!
Nature’s Bees Cocoa Butter Olive Oil Lip Balmnature's bees lip balm
This time of year hydration is important all over your body and is most definitely a part of “Preparations”. Your lips are no exception and so… lip balm is always a welcome box inclusion. This balm includes cocoa butter and olive oil to nourish and hydrate your dry, chapped lips!
We love that Dotboxx uses Advil for their pain relief for cramps! It’s a break away from what is typically included and comes in handy so often!
the art of caramel
The Art of Caramel makes delicious artisanal and small batch popcorn in fun flavors suitable for the child in all of us.. but with more mature palettes! We’ve never had this “Mayan Chili Chocolate” flavor but are excited and curious about this tasty sounding treat!
funky soap co london carrot
This soap is enriched with Vitamin A and C thanks to the carrots. Because honey is antibacterial it’s also great at fighting acne making this all natural, handmade soap bar great for your complexion
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups
justin's peanut butter cups
Made with organic Justin’s Peanut Butter these 2 dark chocolate peanut butter cups will satisfy your chocolate cravings as well as your sweet tooth. We love Justin’s Peanut Butter and think it’s one of the creamiest and most natural tasting peanut butters available!
Dove Dark Chocolate Bar
dove dark chocolate bar
Another full sized chocolate item!? Seriously, this box has it all! Enjoy an entire bar of chocolate … spread it out over a week or eat it all at once! The choice is yours!
Judson & Company Blanket Scarf
judson & company blanket scarf
This scarf was chosen by subscribers and is a perfect fall essential outerwear item!
We love this gray and black combo and think it perfectly suits our style in these colors. The fraying is also a really nice added touch
If you aren’t familiar with blanket scarves you can wear them in so many ways and they will keep you super warm! Wear it like a shawl, as a scarf, as an underlayer or even use it as… a blanket!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Dotboxx is a FANTASTIC box of monthly necessities as well as some nice (not so little) extras. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is (as always) AMAZING. These products are DIVINE! And curation is so wonderful. Not only is this box comforting and pampering you do have some control in what you receive in your Dotboxx which makes it that much better! Love Dotboxx!

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