bathBLISSbox Subscription Review | November 2017

bath bliss box review
*I received this box in exchange for my review*
BathBliss Box is  monthly Subscription box of bath items and other products to help take care of You. They send a papers with weekly inspirational messages and quotes (pictured above), which I think is really great because a lot of times us women especially mothers forget to care for ourselves and need uplifting words like these in our life. We need to remember to take care of ourselves in order to care for others. The BathBlissBox is $39.95 a month with free shipping.

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All the Beautiful Products in my Box and the smell is divine.
A product card and a weekly inspiration cards which I was so thankful for because as a Mom I do forget about myself.
Black Raspberry Vanilla Mineral Powder. This smells AMAZING The package says a blend of minerals designed for a deep clean. It also says it produces massive bubbles and omg it definitely does I love this and am looking into buying more it’s my favorite bath item I think I’ve ever gotten.
 Super Luxury Soap Via Mercato No4, Thus soap has all natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and glycerin. For me most bar soap leaves my skin feeling tight and dry but this dosen’t, my skin feels clean and moisturized and the lather feels great too.
Honey Almond Bath Essence This relaxing essence is skin protecting and smells great. I think its really just meant to make your bath smell good and add a little extra essence for healthy skin it does not make bubbles or anything.
Pina Colada Bath Bomb, We are HUGE bath bomb fans in my house. I have not tried this yet I had to hide it because all 3 of my children are obsessed so this one which smells soooo good is safety hidden until I get a chance to use it. Again this has very few natural ingredients which I love. 
The Soap Guy spring rain soap. This soap smells so good I am not a huge fan of floral or “Girly” scents if they are overpowering, This smells very green like the package smells. My husband loves this soap it has sea salt for exfoliation which is great for him being a mason he gets very dirty and mortar awful on his skin so hes a little picky with cleansers and this one he likes so that is a major plus.  
And lastly we have a wonderfully smelling candle to tie the entire relaxing bath experience together. The Blackberry Amber soy candle by Bova Soy Candles on Etsy smells great it is not a super strong scent but its perfect for a bathroom. I love the smell I actually scraped out the wax and put it in my wax warmer thing because flames ans 3 kids and dogs just scare me. 

Nicole’s Notes: 

I think that this is a great box that is geared towards wonderful high quality bath products and uplifting the spirits of us ladies with the reminder not to forget to pamper yourself once in a while because we deserve it. Being a Mom or a Women is a hard thing in itself just dealing with the crap that our bodies naturally have to go through every month is enough to need a pamper-sesh. So ladies or guys if you want to pamper yourself with bath bliss click the link below and get a box or 12. Thanks for reading my review and have a great holiday.

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