Alpha Outpost Subscription Box Review | November 2017

alpha outpost review
Alpha outpost is a subscription box that send outdoorsy boxes to you each month for $39.95 or the current price whichever they think is a good price for that monthly box and $8.95 shipping. I have gotten this for my hubby and step father but had some issues and I will explain more in my notes. 

Reaper Box is a Machete and a small axe.
This really is a nice axe its super sharp and made very well. All the items that come in these boxes are the Alpha Outpost brand. It also comes with a protective sheath.
The Machete is the same high quality with a sheath as well.

Nicole’s Notes:

Okay so here is the deal, while the items I received from Alpha Outpost were definitely high quality items that are worth the cancellation fee that I was charged (without my ok) I was not happy about the way the company carried this out. First of all you HAVE to have this subscription for at least 6 months before you can cancel without being charged the fee, And they can charge whatever they see fit for the box they send out that month so if you initially paid $39.95 a month then they wanted to send you a freaking tent for $150.00 they will take that $150 out of your bank, and apparently subscribing to this company automatically means you agree to these terms. I don’t know about you guys but I think that is not great customer service. I had called and asked if I could pause Dec they said I would still be charged so I said fine I want to cancel and they said OK then charged me the cancellation fee… I was not happy. So if you don’t mind them being able to change their monthly subscription price while having access to your bank/credit card, then you should check them out. Like I said they do have really great high quality items that are worth the initial $39.95 so that is a plus but all the other variables to me are not worth it. I’ll drive to Cabelas which is 2 hrs away instead. Thanks for reading my review Happy Holidays!

Alpha Outpost

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