Daily Goodie Box Review | December 2017

daily goodie box review
Daily Goodie box is a company that sends samples and full size products to anybody that signs up and gets chosen. How to get chosen you need to be active on the daily goodie box facebook page. Every day they will put up a post and ask a question or something and from there they pick people off the post to send a box to. You must go to the daily goodie box website to sign up first. This is the box I just got there are always different things in the boxes I don’t believe there is a schedule for sending out boxes I really don’t know the site says they ship out boxes daily. 

This is everything I got in this box I have gotten one other box and they have a lot of food items which is okay with me.
1 Package of My cup of cake in chocolate I gotta say that this looks delicious I can’t wait to try this out.
Chocolate covered gummy bears these are pretty good I was surprised but the chocolate coating is not hard at all the bears are still soft so I thought that was cool its a thin layer of chocolate. 
Holy Crap I am eating one of these puppies as I write this and lemme tell ya Its freakishly Good like the chocolate is sooo yummy. Usually when I have had chocolate covered anything in the past it seems like they use cheap dollar store chocolate but not these Reo Good cookies. Yes you need to go get some like now.

Ezywipe so i guess the idea is that there are little personal wipes in this tube and you jut add water and use. I think that is pretty cool no chemicals and they are biodegradable. I am liking these ill throw them in my purse they will come in handy I am sure.

Garden Goddess samples. This is a brand that I have used and like before I am excited to try these little packets. I am a fan of this brand and happy to see they are coming out with an anti-aging line I can’t wait to try that. There are summer samples so they will go in my box of summer sunblocks and skincare until I need them.

Tiger Balm pain relieving patch we actually got 2 of these bad boys in this box. These work great for me and don’t have that awful ben-gay smell. I am a fan of these and was happy to get them.

B.O.S.S Superfood Snack Banana Pumpkin seed + cacao powder.
I gotta say I am not a fan I cant eat those energy bars that take like forever to chew and these are the same type of thing o if that is what you like then you will like them. Just not for me the flavor is ok though.

Herbal Zap Party detox supplement. Mix this little packet with liquid and there you have it. I have not tried this yet but i do like these.

Ethical Bean coffee this looks like great coffee sadly I only have a Keurig so I am not able to try it but it looks great.

Zahler Prenatal Vitamins I am not pregnant so I will not use them but My cousin is so I will give these to her.

Nicole’s Notes:

The Daily Goodie Box is great if you get a box its a good deal because they are free and you get to try a bunch of products that maybe you would not have tried before. Check out there facebook page and comment to try and get a box for yourself.

Daily Goodie Box Facebook site

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