Dispatch by Breakout Box 2 “On the Run” Subscription Review | December 2017

dispatch by breakout games review
*I received this box in exchange for my review*

Dispatch By Breakout is a mystery subscription by the creators of breakout rooms and this is box #2 as some of you might already know Dispatch by breakout is a mystery box that sends different clues for a mystery that you must try to solve at home with friends and or family. This is a really cool fun and inexpensive way to have a really good time. It dies require you to a lot of thinking and problem solving therefore working together on this I think is way more fun. This is the second box we have gotten and it defiantly helped out a lot as far as clues and more info about the mystery of who killed Victoria Van Kress. This subscription delivers you a box of clues as well as a web addresses you can go to it really blurs the lines between reality and the fictional characters in this mystery. I want to let you all know right off the bat that these pictures are not very detailed as to help keep the secrets of what the boxes contain for active subscribers only. But you still will see the great number and quality of all the clues we got this month.

This is everything we got this month and it seems to be quite a bit more than last month. We are very excited to dive in and get more clues about Victoria’s Murder.

We got some letters from our partner and local detective agency along with autopsy reports and other crime reports that were filed about Mrs Van Kress untimely death.

We also got a sealed envelope of new information from Gaily Detective agency which is really helpful as my daughter and I were very “stuck” with only the contents of our first box.

This decoder coin is so cool my daughter was really happy about it. But having something like this to add to our collection  that is not papers and pictures makes it seem more real and we can’t wait to use it we have not gotten that far yet though.

Newspaper clippings we got a few of these in our first box as well. These clipping look, feel and even smell like the newspaper that you would get at your local convenience store. We made like a portfolio for a lot of this stuff to organize it and make it easier for us to go back and find info that we need, and to keep all the clippings or pictures together.

YES, Thanks so much Dispatch we are having a blast putting this back together….Not really lol. My daughter actually thinks is so neat and she put some double sided tape on a piece of cardboard to fit it all together right she loves puzzles to so I see why she would enjoy it.

Nicole’s Notes:

I LOVE this subscription box its such a cool box and in my opinion way better and more fun tan a board game or something. I do it with my daughter like I mentioned and it really makes us use our brains and try to figure out things which I enjoy and I love seeing her face when she figures out a clue or something. I have to admit she is better at this than me maybe its because she still has an imagination or because she loves criminal minds and other shows like that. I love it because its like being in the story instead of watching it its very immersive and when you are looking online its very difficult to figure out what is real and what is not which is a biog part of solving the mystery. They also have very good customer service too I have always had a response to my email within a day or two. If this sounds like something that you are interested in trying click the link below to get your first box. Thanks for reading my review and Happy Holidays!

Dispatch Website

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