Freyja Subscription Box Review | November 2017

freyja box review
* I received this box in exchange for my review*
Freyja Box is a monthly subscription box that is full of amazing items that are for the spiritual mind and body. I personally am a huge fan of this box also the founder is an amazing woman which is really great when you are dealing with a person in any situation it always helps when he or she is a truly nice caring person and she puts her heart and soul into each and every box that she sends out. The theme for November was to help to get out Chakras in balance for this Holiday season, and relieve any negative energy we might be harboring.

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These are all Novembers Beautiful Items laid out, I LOVE these boxes so very much.
How Beautiful is this Chakra wall hanging its really beautiful and the perfect size to not take up a lot of room so you can hang it in a small space if needed I plan on putting in on the side of my vanity mirror. It also has a card that explains the different Chakras and symptoms if they are blocked which I found super informative. 
Chraka Beaded bracelet. Again this came with a card that explained what each color represented. The beads on this bracelet are really heavy high quality glass it really has some weight to it. My daughter is going to love this I am happy to have gotten it. I apologize for the blurry picture it really does not do this piece any justice.
Chamomile Lip Balm This is a great balm I was  raving about the hemp one in the other review and This is just as good as that one I love it and again love how it only has a few all natural ingredients. This is one of my top lip balms.
Chakra Balancing Kit, This kit has really good size gorgeous stones one for each color along with another explanation information card. I love these stones and I will be using them in the clearing bowl that I received last month that has  permanent residency  on my nightstand.
OMG these Earrings. You can even see in the picture all the detail that is in these. Each one has so many tiny seed beads and they are made so well and are just stunning. They are appx 2 inches long I am super obsessed with thees my only dilemma is to keep or gift them.
We received 2 different stick incense this month white sage and nag champa I am not a huge fan of the white sage but I love the Nag scent it fills my home with an inviting aroma that brings back so many peaceful happy memories for me. I do love incense very much and forgot that I did until my last Freyja box reminded me of that.

Nicole’s Notes:

I am sure You all can tell that I adore Freyja my inner Hippie goddess comes out blazing when this box is finally in my hands everything in It brings me joy for my mind and spirit and these past few months have been really hard for me, but I feel like I now have the energy to overcome my deep sadness because again I have the proper tools with a book I got not too long ago and now all these Charka items and info I am certainly on the right track. Thank you so Much Cynde and Freyja Box for having me do these Reviews for you it really is my pleasure. If you are interested in getting your own amazing Freyja box click the link below thanks for reading my review and Happy Holidays.

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